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Cary H

Diigolet has stopped working - 77 views

diigolet help Mac OS X

started by Cary H on 18 Jul 11
  • Cary H
    I have been using the Diigolet bookmarklet on Safari for quite some time now, with no problems. Recently, it has stopped working for 95% of the time; occasionally it will let me bookmark. I click on the Diigolet "button", it says it's loading Diigo and then it disappears before I can even bookmark anything. Can anyone help me? I love Diigo but I'm losing my patience.
  • sandy_diigo
    Are things all well now? What is the version of your Mac OS and safari?
    Having tested with safari 5.0.5(6533.21.1) on Mac OS X10.6.8, it works for me.
  • alicefahey
    I'm also having this problem and it's becoming increasingly frustrating! I'm using Safari 5.0.5(6533.21.1) OS X10.6.7. Will try updating to OS X10.6.8 and hope that fixes it.
  • sandy_diigo
    This issue has been resolved. Please check it again.
  • alicefahey
    Thanks! Working well again now!

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