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Maggie Tsai

Diigo V4 is live now! - 134 views

Diigo V4 spam (electronic)

started by Maggie Tsai on 29 Sep 09
  • Maggie Tsai
    Please see our latest blog post:

    Diigo Blog » Highlight, Annotate, Archive, Search, Share ~ Diigo ~ the best online research tool just gets even better: Diigo V4 is live now!

    [Important Alert]: Although your toolbar/diigolet should auto-update,in case it doesn't prompt you to do so, please go to to download the latest version.

    Make sure to check out "Take a Tour", and "What's New" in Help. New HELP is still under active construction (work-in-progress). Should you like to collaborate and help out, please let us know! Thanks

    PS. It has been a long, long day, and our entire team has pulled through long hours to get this complex new release rolIed out. I'm about to crash. So, good night for now.
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy
    I just saw the new Diigo, and it took my breath away. Mainly because I was hyperventilating.

    Horrible. Utterly, deal breakingly horrible. As somebody who participates in Webring, and was going to put his pages on Diigo onto a few ring systems, having already started work on a homepage for his account, I now find that I have no choice but to immediately cut all links to Diigo.

    Where there was order and ease of navigation, now there is a mess. Before, one found the discussions on one portion of the main page for a group, below them the links, one knew which was which and if one had to set up a return link to, say, the ring the visitor came in on - or otherwise help him find his way around, to the homepage for a group or some other place he might need to be - not a problem. One just submitted a few key links to the pool for the group, and there they stayed, where they were needed and everybody could find them. Which really was necessary, because Diigo never saw fit to provide its users with the option of posting links in the descriptions of its groups. This wasn't perfect, but it got the job done.

    It doesn't any more. Links and discussions have been tossed together into a common pool, that tidy and easily deciphered ordering being replaced with a scrambling that leaves anybody guessing as to which are the bookmarks and which are the new discussion topics, and no possible way of keeping needed navigational links (group homepage, return to ring) - links the need for which would go without saying on almost any site other than this one - where they can easily be found and accessed. Diigo's staff took what some of us had carefully assembled, and tossed it into the grinder without asking any of us what we thought of the idea, first.

    Is the new look a little more stylish than the old? Who knows. Diigo has never been known for its looks, but it was known for its functionality, something a lot more important, and you've destroyed that. Aside from navigational issues, I went to my own group, looking for my own posts, and had trouble finding them - and I wrote them!!! Just imagine the experience being offered to somebody new to the group.

    Guys, I'm trying to stay calm and civil, but what's a nice way to say "I can't imagine what you were thinking about"? Not that I doubt that you meant well, but this is unfathomable. I have this mental image of some of you walking into my library, and going "let's help Joe find his stuff in the morning", and just tossing every book in the place on the floor, while putting blue and white bunting over the shelves, and then standing back to see how pretty it looks. Why oh why oh why would you do this?

    For half a second - I timed it, it came to about ten heartbeats worth of my time - I thought about picking up what I had written, and looking for a new place to repost it and start afresh, the way I did after Ma.gnolia succeeded in losing all of its user data, but finally thought "why even bother". I'll spend a few days searching for a new host, maybe even a few weeks, maybe not even find one - or maybe I do find one, get set up, make everything look nice, only to have another development staff at another provider flake out, and destroy everything I had been creating. Again.

    Why is it so hard for developers on social networking sites to understand that rearranging its users' material without asking them first is a lousy trick to play on them? Could you picture somebody at Freewebs, one day, explaining to me that "Joseph, we decided that what we needed to do was move the material from the sidebar on that one page of yours to the center of the other page, and then move the stuff from there to" ... and succeed in finding many people who would expect me to not be a lot more visibly upset about that than I am about this, right now?

    I would be fighting the urge to put my fist through the screen at this moment, if only I weren't feeling a little shaky from the fast. Why, Maggie? Why did you have to fix something that wasn't broken?

    PS. Oh, and I see that the homepage link is gone from our profiles, as well. Thank you. That's even better. Not only did I find that my pages had been scrambled, but that their scrambled remains had been shredded as well. Delightful.

    Maybe it's just time for me to give up on Diigo, period. Between this, the sticky spam splattered over select portions of the Web, and the business with Mr.Ravn, I'm starting to view this site with a little dread. I think your company welcome trolls and spammers more than it welcomes anybody trying to do anything serious on your space, and I think that's kind of messed up. But I expect that the trolls and spammers will now chime in to disagree.

    Oh, well.
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy
    In parting, because I've had enough of this subject - in case anybody was wondering why two posts instead of one - that's because Diigo's new and improved software kept cutting the end off of my post, and I got tired of rewriting it.

    The sky is lighting up. I think I'll go see how beautiful the morning will be, today.
  • Sean Brady
    I like the new groups, a river of information is more preferable to me. So it's not a total loss, again to me. I was a long time user of Ma.gnolia, and worked very closely with Larry and Todd on the site. It was a sad day when the problems occurred, but I didn't lose a single bookmark. I made a backup of my bookmarks regularly. I do the same thing on Diigo. IMHO, the only place on the web that you should assume that a) the backups will always work, and b) the design, structure and functionality will never change is on your own hosted site. While I have been disappointed with some of the decisions that the Diigo team made with 4.0, and would have preferred that they go a different route in some cases, I feel that overall the site is far more functional to provide a place for me to store bookmarks, annotate them, and share that stored and annotated data back out.
  • Graham Perrin
    > groups, a river of information

    Within any group, bookmarks and topics are separable, as before:


    In Diigo 4.0 beta the construction and predictability of group URLs is improved.

    My Groups

    At your groups the dashboard-like view allows recent items to bubble to the surface.

    For those who prefer alphabetical order, sort by name.

    All groups are displayed on one page, which is ideal for people who join many.

    For each group:

    * up to three items display in ultra-compact mode

      — less detail than you get in the
        compact view of your library or your group

      — but easier to tell at a glance whether the item is
        a bookmark a.k.a. link or
        a topic a.k.a. discussion.

    Still, not easy enough for my liking. Within a group, the generic icons for bookmark and topic could be …
  • Leandro Ardissone
    I would like to see a plugin for Safari or Chrome.

    Great work guys!
  • Graham Perrin
  • Graham Perrin
    > sidebar is great

    @ Leandro

    I'd love to know which part(s) of the sidebar of Diigo you find most useful/productive. Might you add a few words under the sidebar arrangements topic? It's safe to ignore my first three posts there (what's within those words have been condensed into a handful of images, which I'll post in due course), just say what you think is the 'must-have aspect' of sidebar. Thanks :)
  • Graham Perrin
    It's so easy to take for granted in Diigo 4.0 beta the things that were missing from past versions!

    I completely forgot: in the past Diigo 3 beta, you could not search a group from its home page. This always bothered me a little.

    Groups in Diigo 4.0 beta are SO much better!

    (I stumbled across a remnant of the old style, purely by accident, when following a ten-month-old link.)

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