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Andy Ruotsala

Diigo toolbar did not install - 51 views

Diigo toolbar IE8 Vista help

started by Andy Ruotsala on 11 May 11
  • Andy Ruotsala
    After I went through the install routine for Diigo toolbar on IE8 (Vista), the toolbar was nowhere to be found. The little blue 'd' logo shows on the upper right corner of page, but clicking it does nothing. When I go to Tools | Internet Options | Manage Add-ons, the Diigo Toolbar, Toolbar Helper, and Sidebar are shown as enabled. Thanks.
  • sandy_diigo
    Please right-click on the menu in IE to check whether you select "Diigo toolbar" .
  • Andy Ruotsala
    Right-clicked on the IE menu, but Diigo toolbar is not listed. The only choices are (in order down from top): Menu Bar, Favorites Bar, Compatibility View Button, Command Bar, Status Bar, Lock the Toolbars, and Customize >.
  • sandy_diigo
    You haven't installed the diigo toolbar successfully.
    Please uninstall the diigo toolbar and reinstall it again.
    If the problem persists,what is the firewall software or anti-virus software you use?
  • Andy Ruotsala
    Uninstalled Diigo Toolbar from Control Panel | Programs and Features. Tried reinstalling the Diigo toolbar. All the messages looked normal. Still no luck. I'm running Norton Internet Security (v17.8.0.5) with all virus profiles up to date.
  • sandy_diigo
    Can you please contact us at and we will send you an file for installation?

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