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Yoni Blumberg

Color of toolbar bookmark icon not changing - 10 views

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started by Yoni Blumberg on 06 Nov 09
  • Yoni Blumberg
    When I am on pages I have bookmarked, the icon color of the bookmarking icon used to change from white to red or pink. It no longer does. I use both Firefox 3.5.4 and Firefox Minefield 3.7a1pre. It doesn't change in either browser. I also have a StumbleUpon toolbar in the same row as the Diigo toolbar. Somewhere I read something about an "all in one toolbar" conflicting with Diigo and the buttons needing to be somewhere special. I took some away for aesthetic reasons and can screenshot it if that would help.

  • Yoni Blumberg
    Nevermind. I have realized that if a bookmark is marked private, it does not show as already bookmarked or turn red when I view it. The public ones work.

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