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Anayly Ledoyen

Bookmarks Marked Private Appear Under The Public Heading - 170 views

private public bookmark help

started by Anayly Ledoyen on 21 Nov 09
  • Anayly Ledoyen
    When I create a bookmark by highlighting text on a web page, I mark it Private but it still appears under the Public heading in My Library. I then have to go into the Public heading and mark the bookmark Private again. How can I make the bookmark retain the original Private mark I gave it and not have it appear under the Public heading?
  • Anayly Ledoyen
    Daniel, thank you for your suggestion, "Perhaps you should try installing your first toolbar for Firefox!", but I am just not that brave. I am not a tech at all; if anything were to go wrong with my computer, I would have to pay someone to fix it, therefore it is important that I keep everything about it as simple as possible.
  • Daniel Gauthier
    There's a lot new with Diigo4 but i don't think this affects Diigolet.
    It won't hurt anything to remove and re-install the Diigolet though.
  • Graham Perrin
    > I mark it Private

    At does the private bookmark have the padlock icon?
  • Anayly Ledoyen
    Thank you for your response, which caused me to take a closer look at the issue, and understand that Diigo is not designed to function the way I expected it to.

    My expectation was that once I marked a sticky Private, it would make BOTH the sticky and the bookmark it automatically created Private, as in my usage the sticky and the bookmark are one and the same, for both are always made Private. After I read your comment it occurred to me that Diigo may treat the sticky and the bookmark as separate entities, with individual settings for each. I had always just highlighted text and created a sticky, which automatically created a bookmark, but it did not create the settings for the bookmark such as Private or Public, tag, and list. Once I tested the above theory I found out that I had to bookmark a webpage and in that process I could mark it Private, tag it, and sort it to a list. Separately I could create a sticky attached to the webpage that I could mark Private. It is now clear to me that creating a Private bookmark and a Private sticky are two separate processes.

    Thanks, again, for your comment.

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