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Marco Antonio Jonack

Bookmark's annotations in the group's page don't match with my library - 70 views

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started by Marco Antonio Jonack on 01 Dec 09
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    I've shared a bookmark with one of my private groups but most of the annotations available in the group's page cannot be seem from my library (the first 12 annotations in the group's page don't appear in my library). I suppose that even if a bookmark is shared among groups highlights on it should appear in both my library and groups page.

    Is that a bug? Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    I've tried the following to fix the first problem (annotations from 'My Groups' don't match with 'My Library':

    1) Remove the shared bookmark from the group;

    2) In the already bookmarked page which contains all the highlights and stick notes I want to share, right click and choose the context menu option "Bookmark this page to Diigo..."

    3) In the window "Edit your bookmark on Diigo" select the option "Share to a Group" and choose the group.

    4) Check the option "Share the existent annotations";

    5) Click in the button 'save'.

    After all this, the bad news: it didn't work. As reported in my first post, exactly the same 12 annotations that appear in the 'My Library' are missing in the 'My groups' page. This is definitely a bug...
  • Joel Liu
    We found the issue and will fix it soon.
  • Joel Liu
    We displayed 50 highlights per bookmark before. We changed the limit to 100 highlight/bookmark. Let me know whether it works for you now.

  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    It worked, but with a side effect on the bookmark "SOA Governance - How Best To Embrace it, Part 1: Introduction to Enterprise... " whose annotations in "My Groups" (MG) didn't match with the annotations in "My Library" (ML) page. For this bookmark, now I can see the same annotations in MG and ML, but when I click on it and got redirected to the page it points to ( the highlights don't load. I'm sending you a temp password so you can check by yourself. I verified the problem in FF 3.5.5 and IE 7, both running with the latest diigo toolbar.
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    Hi Joe, did you receive my e-mail with the password? I really appreciated if you could check out the problem I reported above. I spent a lot of time making those highlights and it would be a shame to lost them all...
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    Hey diigo's support team! All the problems I reported above were not solved yet! Could you, please, try to fix them? If you can't do something, specially in regard to the post #8, then all the time and effort I've spent will be lost... again.
    PS: time goes by and diigo's problems are still the same: unfixed bugs and lack of support...
  • Joel Liu
    Sorry, an recursive issue. We will fix it soon.
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    Hi Joel! Any news or fixes for the bugs that I reported? I'm still experiencing the problems described on the posts #8 and #10. Thanks!
  • Joel Liu
    #10 was already fixed. Please check it.
    I will recheck #8.
  • Joel Liu
    For #8, you bookmaked , however, it redirects to . Diigo toolbar treats them as different URL and it doesn't load the highlights.
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    You're right, sorry for #10. For #8, as you can see, the guys at soamag have changed the underlying technology and now all ASP pages requests has been redirected to PHP versions. I'm not sure neither if it would be possible nor if it will fix the problem, but once I (apparently) don't have access to the URL stored at diigo, could you, please, update the URL in your database? Thanks a lot for your help.
  • Marco Antonio Jonack
    I'm not sure. I don't know what diigo developers had in mind, but it sounds to me quite reasonable that some changes in a shared bookmark don't be forwarded to your private library. My point is: maybe some group members don't have the same view as yours regarding to what tags should classify a given bookmark. So they can change that classification at will while yours stays untouched. Am I right Joel?
  • Graham Perrin
    > annotations in the group's page don't match with my library

    Often true.

    The word 'share' can be misleading.

    After the initial copy from your library to (say) two groups:

    * group activity is not copied to a personal library
    * highlights are copied to both groups
    * written comments and notes are audience-specific (not copied).

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