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Adopt items from other users to my library - 27 views

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started by C L on 13 Sep 10
  • Graham Perrin
    I rarely find the need for that type of activity but AFAIR the view that's best suited is Network.

    (Experimenting with
    ?dm=simple and
    ?dm=advanced views of another person's library seems to not change the view.)

    Whichever view you choose, aim for Save.

    You can't save more than one at a time, but I shouldn't worry about that. There's probably a more useful way of approaching this …
  • Graham Perrin
    > adopt several (or all) bookmarks

    If your aim is to then collaborate publicly on, or annotate bookmarks:
    Network views can be very useful.

    By default a network view offers:

    * the first few annotations of each bookmark (with the option to show more)

    * comments for each bookmark

    * opportunity to easily add your own comments (click Comment to reveal the dialogue).

    Simple examples

    Advanced examples

    For some network URLs, a minor variation has interesting effects: varied to

    and so on …
  • Graham Perrin
    Something I forgot to mention: if you comment using a bookmark, image, meta or network view alone — without ever clicking 'Save' for the bookmarked item — then your comments are in the community without being in your library.

    An example of a community comment that is not in a person's library:

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