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Bakari Chavanu

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diigo help highlight page comment annotation URL

started by Bakari Chavanu on 16 Oct 09
  • Bakari Chavanu
    Okay, I've been using Diigo a lot more, and I love it. But I need some clarity on an issue. When I visit a page, make some highlights, and then add then add comments (in the comments box) at the end of an article, I lose my annotations when the page refreshes. I have to make sure that I go to the Recent button and re-download the page in which I made the annotations. Is that how it works? If I don't re-download, then Diigo assumes it's a new page.
  • Graham Perrin
    Can you describe in greater detail the environment in which annotations are lost?

    > add comments (in the comments box) at the end of an article

    Do you mean, the Diigo comment box at the foot of Diigo Meta?

    Or a non-Diigo comment box within the underlying page?
  • Bakari Chavanu
    I mean the non-Diigo comment box within an underlying page.
    Here's a page where I was doing that:

    I need to test out the issue some more. Maybe I'm not waiting long enough for the highlights to appear. But it seems as if after posting in a page's comment box that the Diigo highlights don't re-download. Seems like Diigo reads it as a new page. I can go up to Recent in the Diigo toolbar and re-open that page with the highlights.

    But I'll test it out some more and get with you. Thanks
  • Graham Perrin
    Diigo bookmarks and annotations are URL-specific

    As and
    are separate URLs, so you end up with separate bookmarks and separated annotations:


    Before using Diigo, observe the URL in the toolbar of your browser.

    If you suspect that a shorter URL will present identical or near-identical content, shorten the URL and load that view of the content.

    Before making annotations, use the history part of the meta view of the page to see whether other users have bookmarked the page. Example:

    - and if the history is suspiciously empty, wonder whether other readers are bookmarking alternative URLs for the content.

    Follow the lead from Diigo Meta to Other bookmarks from the site … to see whether other readers have boookmarked alternative URLs for the same content.

    Note however that the Community library may be not up-to-date;
    currently shows none of your three bookmarks of
    Skepticblog » Capitalism-A Propaganda Story

  • Graham Perrin
    > Community library may be not up-to-date

    For that issue I have created a separate topic,
    Community library is inconsistent/outdated

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