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Nathan Rein

Is Webslides still supported, or is it dead? - 69 views

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started by Nathan Rein on 20 Sep 09
  • Nathan Rein
    I've tried repeatedly for several weeks to create a new RSS-based slideshow at and each time I get the response, "Looks like this feed is invalid or not currently responding." Needless to say I have tried this with multiple feeds, all of which I've tested in other readers and all of which are valid and working fine. I have one RSS-based slideshow bookmarked, and when I try to view it, I get the response, "We are experiencing technical difficulties."

    Has support for RSS-based slideshows been discontinued?

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've posted about this on this forum before, and I've sent a Twitter post to @diigo, and each time I've gotten no response or acknowledgment.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, and I realize this is a free service with a limited staff and resources, but when I see something like Webslides apparently being abandoned by the company that created it, without any announcement or response to repeated support requests, it makes me wonder about the future reliability of Diigo as a service. Is it time for me to pull my bookmarks out and move on?
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for reporting. Feeds were temporarily "broken" due to our new server setting change for the upcoming release. Should be fixed now. Please check.

    NOTE: again, our work requires a lot of concentration and sometimes we have very limited bandwidth. At times we may be in a "radio silent" mode in order to get things done. Please be a little bit patient at time like this (and knowing that it's rather difficult for us to respond to every single communication, although we do try hard to monitor and interact with our users as much as we can...)

    Our team has been working countless hours to deliver good services to our users all these time. Positive encouragement and recognition for our hard work are appreciated!
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

    Joel Liu wrote:

    > We are very busy in preparing the new release ...

    It looks like a very cool feature. But I didn't even know that it existed, until just now, and didn't find any links to it from the main page and wonder how many other users had never heard of it, either.

    This might be limiting usage and apparent interest in a feature that seems to show great potential.

  • Maggie Tsai

    Thanks for the note. No worry, and understand completely. thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

    my message is directed to the public (ie. why we seem unresponsive sometimes). Small team, but large ambition. Like to get things done, in our own way :)

    Thanks again for everyone's continued support.

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