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A Flexible WordPress Plugin For Generating Different Types Of Charts. - 0 views

    Flexible chart is a wordpress plugin for generating chart in flexible way where user will be able to create their own bar chart, line chart, pie chart, polar area chart, radar chart, doughnut chart. In this wordpress plugin user have flexible options for changing charts or graphs colors etc. It has flexible input system by which user will be able to put their data without any file restriction for generating their charts.
Vernon Fowler

Post Types « WordPress Codex - 1 views

  • it is better if you prefix your identifier with a short namespace that identifies your plugin, theme or website that implements the custom post type. For example: acme_product or aw_product for products post type used by a hypothetical website
  • Namespacing your custom post type identifier will not guarantee against conflicts but will certainly minimize their likelihood.
  • Do pay close attention to not having your custom post type identifier exceed 20 characters though, as the post_type column in the database is currently a VARCHAR field of that length.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • register_post_type( 'acme_product', array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => __( 'Products' ), 'singular_name' => __( 'Product' ) ), 'public' => true, 'has_archive' => true, ) );
  • When you namespace a custom post type identifier and still want to use a clean URL structure, you need to set the rewrite argument of the register_post_type() function. For example, assuming the ACME Widgets example from above:
  • 'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'products'),
  • Note: In some cases, the permalink structure must be updated in order for the new template files to be accessed when viewing posts of a custom post type.
  • single posts of a custom post type will use single-{post_type}.php and their archives will use archive-{post_type}.php where {post_type} is the $post_type argument of the register_post_type() function.
  • In any template file of the WordPress theme system, you can also create new queries to display posts from a specific post type. This is done via the post_type argument of the WP_Query object.
Vernon Fowler

Types Plugin - WordPress Custom Post Types and Custom Fields - 4 views

  • Types Plugin – Custom Post Types, Taxonomies and Custom Fields Types is the integrated solution for customizing WordPress. You’ll be able to create custom post types, taxonomy and custom fields – all from within the WordPress GUI.
John Pratt

WordPress custom post types on steroids tutorial - 8 views

    Great tutorial on building custom websites with custom post types in WordPress
    I can confirm this works in WordPress 3.4.2 Thanks for sharing, this is the definitive post to custom posts, it's well explained :D
    I just finished a custom post type project thanks to this articles. Very nice, Thanks for sharing.
John Pratt

How to Create Custom Post Types in WordPress - 6 views

    all about custom posts types and how to create post types, custom taxonomies, and display them by hacking your WordPress theme
kie guy

How To Make Wordpress An CMS With Different Post Types « how-to, tools, wordp... - 0 views

    Pods = think Drupal's CCK for Wordpress (or ZOO or K2 for Joomla).
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