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Contents contributed and discussions participated by siva kumar

siva kumar

Build a Website - How to Build a Website in 3 Steps - 0 views

    To create a website you need to follow these three steps Choose a domain name. Choose Web hosting. Creating your Website. Let me explain about each Step One by One 1.DOMAIN NAME: First step to choose your domain name. It is a unique name what you are going call your website. You have to register the domain name each year for fee .Example: is your domain name. You also need Web hosting and Website builder. I will show you where to find these in step two 2.Web Hosting: Web hosting is storage where you save all your website files. Once you upload them in your Web Hosting Server, Everyone around the world can view it. Now I will explain you where do I get Web Hosting? You can purchase Web hosting where you register your domain name. I will show you where to register your domain name and buy web hosting. It does with some Web Hosting Companies around the world such as GoDaddy.Com, Hostgator, mocha host and so on….Using a new website hosting Account you can setup a new website from scratch. 3.Creating Your Website: I will explain you where to get them to build your website. Build your website or blog using Word Press. I recommend word press is the best platform to build your website. Most of the new websites are currently using Word Press Application. This is one of the best applications for people who know nothing about making a website. Word press is as simple as clicking a few buttons and finished. If you want to create a blog or website use word press which creates the site design automatically and the functionality is inbuilt as well. Word Press application is free of cost. The actual software (Word Press) that your build your website is supplied by your web hosting company registered and purchased the domain and hosting. We recommended GODADDY for a domain and web hosting so you can build your website
siva kumar

Create a Listing Page in WordPres Site using WP-Property Plugin - 0 views

wp-property wordpress plugin
started by siva kumar on 15 Oct 13 no follow-up yet
  • siva kumar
    Creating Listing Page in Word Press website is now so easy by using Plugin called WP-Property (WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management).
    Here are some features using wp-property plugin

    Latest Features

    Add predefined values for any attribute in Admin Tab that will create a dropdown input field on the property editing page.
    Pagination back-button support.
    Slovakian translation.
    Search form shortcode.
    Pagination and sorting works on search results
    Major improvements to search widget and search function
    Property result pagination via AJAX
    Property queries by custom attributes
    Localized Google Maps
    Translations into Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
    Customizable templates for different property types.
    Fields such as price, bathrooms, bedrooms, features, address, work out of the box.
    SEO friendly URLs generated for every property, following the WordPress format.
    Customizable widgets: Featured Properties, Property Search, Property Gallery, and Child Properties.
    Google Maps API to automatically validate physical addresses behind-the-scenes.
    Integrates with Media Library, avoiding the need for additional third-party Gallery plugins.
    Advanced image type configuration using UI.
    Out of the box support for two property types, Building and Floorplan. More can be added via WP-Property API.
    Property types follow a hierarchical format, having the ability of inheriting settings - i.e. buildings (or communities) will automatically calculate the price range of all floor-plans below them.
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