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LinkSture Technologies

Paperio - Responsive and Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme by Themezaa - 1 views

    Paperio is a visually appealing, clean and uncluttered, SEO and speed optimized multi-purpose WordPress blog theme fully customizable with WordPress customizer. Paperio offers sleek and modern, polished and technologically sophisticated, user friendly and easy to read attractive blog styles, featured post sliders, latest / popular post styles, header and footer styles, different sidebar styles and more to make your blog outstanding with clear content, stylish, highly visible to search engines and extra ordinary fast in page loading. Paperio contains 7 creative and unique demos with different type of styles for different purpose blogs with selection of predefined color skin and you can use custom color also. You can review below various blog styles and I am sure you will love it. But please take a look of the demo below and decide yourself!
Peter Nilsson

Increase Usefulness With Custom Taxonomy In WordPress - 0 views

    If you want more flexibility in your website content that built-in taxonomies cannot provide? You can create a custom taxonomy to meet your desired goals.

A fabulous WordPress plugin for flat scroll bar with powerful customizing options. - 1 views

    Flat Scroll is a fabulous WordPress plugin for flat scroll bar with powerful customizing options, which will turn your as usual scroll bar into a flat scroll bar. Not only your website scroll bar, but your page, post content also according to your requirements. It also has flexible and powerful settings by which you will be able to style your scroll bar according to your requirements. The features of this plugin are Flat scroll bar, Unlimited scroll bar colors Unlimited Scroll bar Background colors, custom scroll bar height & width, Custom scrolling speed, Website and page, post content scroll bar Touch mode option, Custom border radius, Custom border colors, Features enabled and disabled options Powerful and flexible customizing options, Option page settings and shortcode settings,All major browser supported
Luciano Ferrer

Style Different Categories in Your WordPress Site Differently Using CSS - Tuts+ Code Tu... - 0 views

    "In the previous tutorial I showed you how to style the posts on your main blog page according to their category, creating color coding by category. A lot of sites that use this technique also take it further by adding distinct styling to each section of their site, in a way that co-ordinates with the styling on the main blog page or home page. You can just use a simple color scheme or add completely different styling to each section, maybe with a different logo or branding for different parts of your organisation, or even a different layout. An example is the London Times website, which uses a different color for each section of its site. The front page uses these colors in a banner above each post, as shown in the screenshot:"
Luciano Ferrer

How to Style Each WordPress Post Differently - 0 views

    "Have you ever came across a site that style their posts differently? Some sites have different sticky posts highlighted whereas others have each category post styled with a different color, or some may even have a totally unique outlook altogether. Well, that is exactly what we are going to cover in this article. We will share how you can style different WordPress posts in different ways. So what are we going to use? We will use a function called post_class. Post Class function prints out different post container classes which can be added, typically, in the index.php, single.php, and other template files featuring post content. Note: This tutorial requires that you are somewhat familiar with WordPress theming, and know fairbits of HTML / CSS. "
Luciano Ferrer

How To Style Your Posts Based on Category, Tag or Custom Taxonomy in WordPress - - 0 views

    "How To Style Your Posts Based on Category, Tag or Custom Taxonomy in WordPress Style Posts by Taxonomy We heard this question many times and it's not as simple as it sounds, so we're dedicating a whole blog post to the solution. Today we'll talk about child themes, taxonomy (categories, tags and custom taxonomy), the post_class function, it's filter friend and their correct usage in WordPress themes. As simple as it sounds, adding the appropriate CSS rules to your theme stylesheet doesn't always work unless you're using default themes or very well written ones. Then again, even if it does, you might see it broken during the next update to the theme you're using, which brings us to child themes."
Lee Dallager

Custom wordpress plugin development India, Custom wordpress plugin development - 0 views

    We offer all custom Wordpress plugin development in India at a reasonable cost. Our custom Wordpress plugin development services give your website best result for any purpose.
    We offer all custom Wordpress plugin development in India at a reasonable cost. Our custom Wordpress plugin development services give your website best result for any purpose.
Kinjal Adesara

Why Businesses Need Custom CMS Development - 0 views

    For individuals and one-person businesses, a simple free WordPress CMS can do the job. But when the size and scope of your business expands, you need to achieve more through your website. A ready-to-use CMS may not have certain features critical to your success. In such cases, it becomes important to invest in website redesign and custom CMS development.
Michael Sturgeon

Design a Stylized Custom WordPress Login Screen - SitePoint - 5 views

    "In this article, I'll show you in a few short steps how to get started with modifying the login screen so that users experience a customized, branded look and feel. I went over the top with this design just to show how dramatically the login form can be stylized using a simple mod to the functions.php file and some CSS."
WP Plugin Pros

Finally, the only WordPress Contact Form Plugin you will ever need! - 3 views

Newly launched! Be the first to check it out Page Designer Pro 2.0 - Not Just Another Contact Form Plugin!

contact form plugin best simple builder custom web forms

started by WP Plugin Pros on 09 Jul 13 no follow-up yet
Vernon Fowler

Advanced custom fields - Addons - WordPress Plugin of the Week - 3 views

    Advanced Custom Fields plugin allows developers to take full control of the edit screens & custom field data. Add-ons also allow you to extend the functions even further from limiting characters in a textarea, building unique designed admin pages with the flexible content layout manager to easily including Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 forms.
Vernon Fowler

How to Widgetize Your WordPress / BuddyPress 404 Page in 2 Simple Steps - - 1 views

    Step 1: Register the 404 Widget Area in Functions.php Step 2: Add the 404 Widget Tag to 404.php
Vernon Fowler

Post Types « WordPress Codex - 1 views

  • it is better if you prefix your identifier with a short namespace that identifies your plugin, theme or website that implements the custom post type. For example: acme_product or aw_product for products post type used by a hypothetical website
  • Namespacing your custom post type identifier will not guarantee against conflicts but will certainly minimize their likelihood.
  • Do pay close attention to not having your custom post type identifier exceed 20 characters though, as the post_type column in the database is currently a VARCHAR field of that length.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • register_post_type( 'acme_product', array( 'labels' => array( 'name' => __( 'Products' ), 'singular_name' => __( 'Product' ) ), 'public' => true, 'has_archive' => true, ) );
  • When you namespace a custom post type identifier and still want to use a clean URL structure, you need to set the rewrite argument of the register_post_type() function. For example, assuming the ACME Widgets example from above:
  • 'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'products'),
  • Note: In some cases, the permalink structure must be updated in order for the new template files to be accessed when viewing posts of a custom post type.
  • single posts of a custom post type will use single-{post_type}.php and their archives will use archive-{post_type}.php where {post_type} is the $post_type argument of the register_post_type() function.
  • In any template file of the WordPress theme system, you can also create new queries to display posts from a specific post type. This is done via the post_type argument of the WP_Query object.
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