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Janos Haits

Silk - A Link Discovery Framework for the Web of Data - 1 views

    The Silk framework is a tool for discovering relationships between data items within different Linked Data sources.
    Data publishers can use Silk to set RDF links from their data sources to other data sources on the Web.

Janos Haits

CubicWeb Semantic Web Framework / CubicWeb - The Semantic Web is a construction game! - 0 views

    CubicWeb is a semantic web application framework, licensed under the LGPL, that empowers developers to efficiently build web applications by reusing components (called cubes) and following the well known object-oriented design principles.
    Its main features are:
    an engine driven by the explicit data model of the application ,
    a query language named RQL similar to W3C's SPARQL ,
Janos Haits

Jena Semantic Web Framework - 0 views

    Jena is a Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, SPARQL and includes a rule-based inference engine.
    Jena is open source and grown out of work with the HP Labs Semantic Web Programme.
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