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Janos Haits

lumio - Break up with bookmarks! - 5 views

    "Break up with bookmarks! Highlight, organize and share ideas with lumio.
Janos Haits

WebCatalog for macOS, Windows & Linux - Run your favorite web apps natively. - 5 views

    "WebCatalog is an open source desktop app which allows you to install and run your favorite web apps natively. Similar to the app stores on your smartphones and tablets, you can just open WebCatalog, install an app you like and start using it immediately. Those apps will stay on your Dock or Taskbar, notify you when you receive a new message or a call and more; or in short, improve your productivity significantly."
Janos Haits

Riot. Break through. - 2 views

    "Break through
    Riot allows teams to communicate across a wide range of collaboration apps. If some team members use Riot while others use IRC, Slack or Gitter, Riot will allow these team members to seamlessly work together. Riot offers the richest network of communication bridges."
Przemek Cichon

Genesis Child Theme + Any Theme Child Theme - WorkFlowy - 38 views

shared by Przemek Cichon on 24 Mar 12 - No Cached
    WorkFlowy is an organizational tool that makes life easier. It can help you organize personal to-dos, collaborate on large team projects, take notes, write research papers, keep a journal, plan a wedding, and much more.
Janos Haits

Data Selfie _ Home - 4 views

    "We want to give you back your Facebook data.
    Data Selfie is a browser extension that tracks you while you are on Facebook to show you your own data traces and reveal how machine learning algorithms use your data to gain insights about your personality."
Charlotte Thornton

70+ Educational iPad Apps for Teachers Using iPad in Their Classrooms ~ Educational Tec... - 7 views

    The World's Most Expensive iPad 2 worth $8 million - Pursuitist ↓↓↓

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Janos Haits

Pushbullet - Your devices working better together - 4 views

    Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one.
Janos Haits

Smooch - 2 views

    "A complete platform to add multi-channel messaging to your software or business
    Smooch is the best software platform for building and operationalizing messaging experiences. We support the largest set of channels and features, have the richest API and the most reliable infrastructure."
Janos Haits

Mailvelope - 2 views

    "Mailvelope is based on OpenPGP.js, a JavaScript implementation of the OpenPGP standard."
Janos Haits

BitChute - 1 views

    'BitChute is powered by WebTorrent. WebTorrent is an independent project started by Feross Aboukhadijeh in October 2013 and is the first torrent client that works in the browser. YEP, THAT'S RIGHT. THE BROWSER. I cannot overstate the importance of WebTorrent. The Internet is full of centralized monsters and WebTorrent is the magical sword we will use to slay them.
    You can find out more about WebTorrent here:'
John Onwuegbu

INFOGRAPHIC: How Pixar, Google, and Facebook Fight Bad Meetings | Questechie - 3 views

    While, the best online tools for meetings, group collaborations, and screen sharing aren't necessarily the complicated tools, as the people you're trying to communicate with might not figure out how to join.
Janos Haits

Polarity - Home - 1 views

    "A feature packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable web browser that offers the latest web standards. Polarity also comes built in with adblock and Do Not Track for privacy concerns. All these aspects of Polarity help deliver a unique browsing experience which helps you enjoy what the web has to offer."
Janos Haits

Digle : People powered search engine - Do you need help finding something online? - 2 views

    "Whatever you are looking for, someone will find it for you"
Janos Haits

..:: Lavabit Reloaded ::.. - 0 views

    "we start a new freedom journey and inaugurate the next-generation of email privacy and security. In 2014, with Kickstarter funding, I started the development of the Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME), a revolutionary end-to-end encrypted global standard and Magma, its associated DIME capable free and open source mail server. Today, I am proud to announce that we are releasing DIME and Magma to the world. DIME provides multiple modes of security (Trustful, Cautious, & Paranoid) and is radically different from any other encrypted platform, solving security problems others neglect. DIME is the only automated, federated, encryption standard designed to work with different service providers while minimizing the leakage of metadata without a centralized authority. DIME is end-to-end secure, yet flexible enough to allow users to continue using their email without a Ph.D. in cryptology."
Janos Haits

Web Defender - extension for Google Chrome™ - 3 views

    "Web Defender
    Real-time protection for your browser"
Janos Haits

Milanote: The notes app for creative work. - 4 views

    "Collect your thoughts
    Milanote is a place to put it all together. See your ideas, notes, inspiration and research side by side.
    Explore your options
    Milanote's fast & tactile interface makes it easy to experiment, play, generate ideas and explore possibilities.

    Figure it out
    Gradually add structure as you start to see patterns and connections. Milanote lets your work evolve naturally.

    Share the result
    When you're ready, create a professional looking document with a single click.
    Milanote documents can be shared online (with no signup required) or downloaded as PDF, Word, Markdown or plain text.

    An infinite workspace
    As much space and as many levels of hierarchy as you need.

    For individuals & teams
    A private place to think? Or a shared workspace for collaboration? You decide.

    Available on all your devices
    Milanote runs in any modern web browser. Native apps for iOS and Android coming soon.

    Safe & secure
    Our infrastructure is designed for security, constantly monitored & always available.
    We're currently trialling Milanote with people from these companies:




    Milanote is coming soon
    Be the first to know when it's ready.

    Want to know more?

    Follow @milanoteapp on Twitter

    Read our articles on Medium


Janos Haits

Opera Neon - The future of web browsers? | Opera - 4 views

  • Opera Neon concept browser for Windows

    What if this were the future of web browsing?

    Get a glimpse into what Opera for computers could become. Each Opera Neon feature is an alternate reality for the Opera browser.

    'Opera Neon concept browser for Windows- What if this were the future of web browsing?
    Get a glimpse into what Opera for computers could become. Each Opera Neon feature is an alternate reality for the Opera browser.'
Janos Haits

Hotspot Shield - Free VPN for Secure, Private, and Unrestricted Internet Access - 2 views

    "The world's largest Internet Freedom & Privacy Platform.  Our mission is to provide secure access to the world's information for every person on the planet with our free VPN. Our Hotspot Shield application is trusted by more than 400 million users from 200 countries."
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