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Allison Burrell

8 Tips For Blogging With Students | Edudemic - 36 views

Dean Mantz

Easy Classroom Polling For Teachers and Students | ClassPager - 38 views

Ivan Travkin

We Are All Connected | Connected Principals - 8 views

  • In fact, nearly all of the most hyped developments on the Web in the past few years have been tools for augmenting social connection…
  • This is why it is frustrating when there is talk that the use of technology and social media sites actually disconnects our students, when in my own experience, I have found the opposite. The more I have connected through our staff and student blogs, the more I have learned about them and what is happening in the classroom.
  • As educators, we need to continue to find safe and effective ways for our students to have the opportunity to participate in this human network.
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  • If relationships are the foundation of our schools, and technology helps to create and enhance these, it is hard to contest that social media should not be more apparent in our learning environments.
    Relationships are the key foundation to the success of students in our schools. The more we connect with them, the more likely they are to succeed. This is not only true with our students, but also essential with our staff. If we know those we serve, the more likely we are to all be successful.
Ivan Travkin

Social Networking - Let's Start Early « The Spicy Learning Blog - 10 views

  • The less we work with students on being critically literate online, and the more we avoid social media and networking as an authentic part of the classroom experience, the more danger our students will be in.
  • Let’s not wait until high school when they are perceived to be old enough. If we wait until then, we will have to do more untraining of bad habits students have picked up Facebooking etc.
  • From my experience, although I don’t think any age is too early, I have noticed that ages 8-10 are the perfect time to start.
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  • we get a chance to establish good habits about positive content on the internet for consumption, as well as positive posting habits.
Allison Burrell

Top 50 Web 2.0 Tools (50 Web 2.0 Tools Your Students Want You to Use) - 1 views

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