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Carolina Ventura

Teenagers, Legal Risks and Social Networking Sites - 68 views

    thanks for sharing.Landing Page Design
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    Risks posed by forms of abusive behaviour such as cyber-bullying and grooming have been emphasised, both in the mainstream media and in policy responses, however comparatively little attention has been given to the potential legal risks that children and young people may face when they use social networking services (SNS).
    Nice presentation about Teenagers.Thanks for your share.
    Thanks ! for photoshops learning website

Tech Tutorials - 88 views

    Providing screencasts about all the greatest tech tools for education.
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    There are so many amazing technology tools available for use in education today. The problem is that there's often no money available through school budgets. Often we have to look for cheaper options to provide the most engaging lessons possible for students. One tool that has really changed the face of many classrooms is the interactive whiteboard.
Nedra Isenberg

Teaching with Technology / Index - 41 views

    Huge resource! Topics include:
    Tools for Creating Editing and Sharing
    Tools for Communicating and Networking
    Tools for Managing Time, Tasks, and Information
    Tools for Making it All Work
Allison Burrell

iTunes U Introduces Free eBooks: Download Shakespeare's Complete Works | Open Culture - 18 views

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isabel mateos

EDU 2.0 para la escuela: la forma fácil y gratuita de enseñar y aprender en l... - 34 views

Ivan Travkin

projectpln10 - 23 views

    This is a magazine for teachers by teachers.
Nedra Isenberg

webtoolsinaction [licensed for non-commercial use only] / FrontPage - 13 views

    "Please share examples of how you have used these tools to help train teachers. Sometimes how we use these tools to teach adults can spark ideas for how to use them in the classroom.

    I am not interested in finding the absolute BEST ways to implement web tools into the classroom. I am looking for ALL examples of how teachers have used these tools. Teachers have this amazing way of taking a project and putting their own spin on it to make it work for them and their students, but many times we just need an example to get us going."
Nedra Isenberg

Free Technology for Teachers: Google Earth Across the Curriculum - 10 views

    "quick-start guide to introduce teachers to the basics of using Google Earth across the curriculum. "

Teen Learning 2.0 - 14 views

  • A word for you to consider: responsibility
  • entering the big world of the Internet
  • behave respectfully, always be positive and, when asked to critique others ideas, you will do so in a way that promotes learning and is constructive.
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    • Here are some questions for you to think about:

      • What is digital citizenship?
      • What are the rights and responsibilities of a digital citizen in today’s world?
  • responsibility to practice good etiquette as a digital citizen.
Janet Bianchini

Ten Rules to create Engaging eLearning - 21 views

    Great rules to help build up a successful e-Learning course
Janet Bianchini

24 Google Wave Resources via Shelly Terrell - 12 views

    Excellent resources
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