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Roger Chen

Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship - 0 views

  • We define social network sites as web-based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system.
  • Early public online communities such as Usenet and public discussion forums were structured by topics or according to topical hierarchies, but social network sites are structured as personal (or "egocentric") networks, with the individual at the center of their own community. This more accurately mirrors unmediated social structures, where "the world is composed of networks, not groups" (Wellman, 1988, p. 37).
Roger Chen

什么是"同行评议"? 学海拾贝 学海拾贝 图谋博客 - 0 views

  • 目前国内讨论较多的是狭义的同行评议,即作者投稿以后,由刊物主编或纳稿编辑邀请具有专业知识或造诣的学者,评议论文的学术和文字质量,提出意见和判定,主编按评议的结果决定是否适合在本刊发表。一般的科技期刊是请2-3位评审人,也有更多的。这些评议人的评议结果,将直接影响到主编对被评议的文章所做出的最终评定。除此以外,广义的同行评议不止于此,还包括文章发表以后由专门组成的审议小组 (Journal Clubs) 对文章发表后的交流和应用效果进行评议,其中也包括对投稿阶段的评审意见进行探讨,这在医学科学类期刊尤为普遍。近年来新兴的免费期刊(Open Access Journals) 开创的公开评议 (Open Review) 或有些论文网站 (Paper Database) 采纳的自荐评议,也属于广义的同行评议。
  • 同行评议成为科技期刊出版的基石,公认是20世纪中叶以后的事。这与二战后科技进步引发的论文数量的激增和期刊种类和数量的翻番不无关系。可以肯定地说,没有同行评议就没有庞大的科技期刊出版业;同行评议的质量是期刊出版质量的先决条件和重要保障之一。
  • 传统的同行评议,通常强调两个基本点。一是匿名;二是独立思考判断。主编邀请的评议人大都是与论文内容相关的科研人士,希望听到的是他们依据各自的专业知识和经验,对论文做出独立的判断和评定。既要实事求是,又要开诚布公。
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  • 同行评议的具体操作形式,可以根据作者与评议人之间的了解程度,大致分为三种。一种是单隐 (Single-Blind Review或 Single Masked Review );二是双隐 (Double-Blind Review 或 Double Masked Review);三是公开评议(Open Review)。
  • 目前除了主编邀请评议人外,也有作者推荐评议人的。而且目前采取这种运作方式的科技期刊呈上升趋势。越来越多的期刊在投稿阶段,邀请作者向编辑部建议自己论文候选的审稿人(3-5人不等),也有的刊物同时邀请作者指出应该避嫌的评议人或绝对应该回避的人名单。
  • 出于种种原因,目前学者们对同行评议有不少意见。抱怨较多的是评议过程马拉松,审定意见有偏颇,评议人固执己见,无中生有,甚至借机偷窃他人论点等等。这些弊病除了评议人自检自律以外,主编的督察和作者的申辩都会起到积极的监督作用。另外值得一提的是,现阶段的评议手段对抄袭和一稿多投几乎一愁莫展,而这恰恰是目前科技期刊发展的重要隐患之一
Roger Chen

On diminishing network effects in web 2.0, social media and human limitations... - 0 views

  • Technology allows us to be “always on”. To be part of a never ending conversation. Simply plug in, anywhere, and you can join in. Friends are spread out across every timezone, so there always are people available to interact with.
  • Any respectable  web 2.0 service is based upon the premise that we all want to share anything with the rest of the world.
  • I can’t predict the future, but I find it useful to think in extremes and see if it can help me get a better understanding of the present.
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  • We end up listening and engaging with a much smaller fraction of the group of followers.
  • We end up spending our online time more consciously.
  • I believe that there is a limit to the quality effects of the network.
  • Our human limitations force us to focus on value, on those things that really matter.
Roger Chen

Our need for real-time information consumption is pointless « Alexander van E... - 0 views

  • We write blogs, create news, produce content, act as journalists, and there are plenty of platforms that allow us to spread our message
  • We are eager to share personal information, wishes, needs, thoughts, ideas, emotions, friends, locations. To find information we use Google, news sites, rss feeds, aggregators, aggregators that aggregate aggregators, news feeds, tweets, social networks.
  • There are no short cuts to knowledge, no matter how much processing power and storage capacity we throw at it.
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  • As transaction costs to produce, distribute and consume information drop to zero the question arises if the information value itself drops to zero too?
  • If I ask you to remember the last conversation you had that made you laugh or cry, chances are pretty high that this conversation was a real-life one, not an online one.
  • It is for that reason I tend to be rather skeptical of our current online efforts to get information to us via search, sites, aggregators, rss, social networks, soon all in in real-time.
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