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Aaron Davis

6 Ways Teachers Kill the Joy of Reading | Brilliant or Insane - 22 views

  • 1–Clinging to the classroom novel
  • 2–The “Don’t-read-ahead” directive
  • 3–Telling kids what they can’t read
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • 4–Not reading in class daily
  • Readers read daily; it’s this simple.
  • 5–Assigning worksheets and book reports
  • 6–Not celebrating the joy of reading
Aaron Davis

Hemingway - 0 views

    An interesting application that helps grade writing based on complexity and difficulty.
Aaron Davis

Aphoristic advice from famous writers for would-be writers [15 pictures] - 8 views

    15 different images with advice from a range of authors.

Lit Tunes with Of Mice and Men - 5 views

    Outline of how to use popular music to connect students to the themes of Steinbeck's novel.
Tania Sheko

The Australian Curriculum v1.1 - English: General capabilities - 3 views

  • Through their reading and through interaction with others, students are encouraged to see existing situations in new ways, identify alternative explanations, and perceive connections that can assist in problem-solving.
    • Tania Sheko
      Through blogs and nings, students can view and discuss what other class members are thinking/writing and even outside the school.
  • Intercultural understanding

    Students develop intercultural understanding as they learn to understand themselves in relation to others. This involves students valuing their own cultures and beliefs and those of others, and engaging with people of diverse cultures in ways that recognise differences, create connections and cultivate respect between people.

Karen Strachan

Digital story writing - 1 views

    This is a beautiful tool to introduce students to online story writing.
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