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The Other End of the Scale: Rethinking the Digital Experience in Higher Education (EDUC... - 1 views

  • Analyzing discourse, not crunching data, has allowed scholars to break down the symbolic culture of gender and race, of what made these categories and what held them together in society.
    • durhamls
      but i think there's a place for data driven discourse

Is There a Crisis in Computer-Science Education? - Data Points - Blogs - The Chronicle ... - 2 views

  • The United States graduated proportionally fewer computer-science majors in 2011-12 than in 1985-86.

Behavioral Engagement in Learning and Math Achievement over Kindergarten: A Contextual ... - 0 views

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  • students with higher individual engagement benefit more from being in highly-engaged classrooms than children with lower individual engagement
  • Students with higher math test scores at kindergarten entry also benefit more from highly-engaged classrooms than children with lower prior math scores
    High Engagement = High Learning JSTOR: American Journal of Education, Vol. 120, No. 3 (May 2014), pp. 325-349

Research Reveals 'Rich get Richer' Scenario in Kindergarten Math - Inside School Resear... - 0 views

  • What they discovered was that children who are, themselves, highly engaged make more math growth if their classmates are also highly engaged.
  • "[H]ighly engaged students in highly engaged classrooms showed the largest achievement growth in math,"
  • As for students with lower levels of engagement, they also do better in highly engaged classrooms. It's just that it makes less of a difference for them. And this can have long-term consequences.
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  • "Lower individual engagement means that a given student will be slower to acquire essential math skills," Robinson and Mueller write. "Since these skills affect one's ability to learn more advanced math skills in subsequent grades, the combination of low individual engagement and low classroom engagement may lead to substantial achievement differences compared to highly engaged children in highly engaged classrooms by the end of kindergarten."

The Second Digital Divide: Disparity in Online Skills Leaving Many Students Behind | NE... - 0 views

  • While digital learning can infuse an exciting variety of technological resources into the classroom, many students lack the basic understanding and skills to maximize the academic potential of today’s technology.
  • experts came together to discuss ways to overcome what’s been dubbed a “second-level digital divide” in students’ abilities to use digital resources.
  • governments and schools need to make complimentary adjustments in digital readiness to help the population they serve use the tools that they’re pushing at them.”
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  • greater access doesn’t necessarily correlate to mastery of the technology.
  • The study found that 29% of Americans had low levels of ‘digital readiness,’ and that as many as 70 million Americans are not ‘digitally ready’ for online use.
  • how do you produce quality homework if you do not know how to properly research information available on the Internet?
  • the best way to overcome this divide is for educators to incorporate technology into their curriculums so that students can learn from a young age how to harness the academic potential of digital resources.
  • even while technology use in schools may be on the rise, students still lack the necessary digital readiness needed to not only succeed in school, but be prepared for a society that’s rapidly becoming more digitally centered.
  • The world has lost its patience with those who can’t navigate the online world. And because those folks who cannot navigate the online world are typically uneducated, poor, or otherwise vulnerable, this group is really easy to overlook.”

The One Percent - YouTube - 0 views

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Tom Woodward liked it
    A film by Jamie Johnson... heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

The Erosion of Faculty Rights - 2 views

    Important cautionary note, especially re: contracts with commercial companies. For VCU policy see:

Heroic Imagination Project - 0 views

shared by mplume on 20 May 14 - Cached
    Created by Philip Zimbardo to promote heroic citizenry....Stand Up. Speak Out.

Religions and babies - 0 views

    Not really about religion or babies....

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - 0 views

shared by mplume on 19 May 14 - Cached
    This site is fantastic for all statistics his TED talk videos or create your own moving graphics using his data bases. Students love his dynamic display of large data sets.
David Croteau

» Radical Education Projects The Sociological Imagination - 1 views

    For the sociologists (and everyone) a list of critical education projects; mostly British.
Lisa Phipps

Hans Rosling: The best stats you've ever seen | Talk Video | - 1 views

    TED Talk by Hans Rosling on Gapminder. For those who have not seen it, it's really fascinating!

Wade Davis: The worldwide web of belief and ritual | Talk Video | - 1 views

    This guy is a role model for a generation of anthropologists. His descriptors, metaphors and imagery take you on a vivid journey through the human ethnosphere. Worth viewing and/or showing to a range of courses.

The "Digital" Scholarship Disconnect (EDUCAUSE Review) | - 1 views

  • cholarship is scholarship
  • Still, in all of these examples of digital scholarship, a key challenge remains: How can we curate and manage data now that so much of it is being produced and collected in digital form?
    • durhamls
      it's that old phrase - what's the use in doing the research if you don't tell anyone about it? same thing.  if you've got all this great data and publish it somewhere but we don't have a way of aggregating that data in the varied publications - how are we ever going to find all the great work that's being done?
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  • The scholarly community needs to find new answers to these questions of organization, preservation, and evaluation in the digital environment.
    • durhamls
      i'll pose the question i asked using #vcuocdi - how do people catalog their student products from semester to semester?  where does that live?  what's the point of keeping it all on your external hard drive? is there a way we can share that Openly (using the concepts of Open Education and Access) ... 
    • durhamls
      i would think providing access to student generated products along with accompanying rubrics would be a fantastic way of advancing evaluation

Free Technology for Teachers - 0 views

    Article on free tools available to those who teach online
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