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Tamura Jones

Twitteristics - 0 views

    Twitter numbers, statistics, ranking & grading: Twitteristics
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Twitter Topics Show Up in Google Search Results |:| ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    Is Google indexing Twitter search?
    Google has started ranking Twitter search pages for topics (think hashtag-style words) higher, often making the front page for certain queries. This is despite the fact that Twitter blocks Google's spider from indexing search result pages. Which begs the question, how is Google determining that these Twitter topics merit a high weight?
Jennifer Dorman

Who Should I Follow - 0 views

    Find new twitter friends
    WhoShouldiFollow looks at who your Twitter friends follow to suggest new people. By adjusting the sliders on the results page, you can give greater preference in the ranking to less popular Twitter users, or those who are near you. The algorithm is an item-to-item collaborative filter, somewhat similar to how Amazon makes recommendations.
Janos Haits

The Tweeted Times - personal newspaper generated from your Twitter account - 7 views

    Most important from your Twitter stream The Tweeted Times aggregates news in your Twitter stream and ranks them by popularity among your friends. Never loose any important news!
    Looks very neat but costs £2.99 whereas Summify is free...
Espreson Media

How to benefit from Twitter and be with growing trend of it? - 0 views

    Twittersphere is growing. In 2008 Forrester Research estimated that, Twitter had 4-5 million users and Nielsen Online showed on its report, Twitter ranked No.1
Anne Bubnic

All You Need To Know About Twitter - 0 views

    To the Internet hipsters who discovered Twitter in 2006, Oprah's inaugural tweet - FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY, she typed - was the end of the era, the shark jump. But that's like saying the Beatles were over after they appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show." Twittermania has only begun. In the days after Oprah's show, Twitter's traffic growth is accelerating. The ratings service HitWise now ranks as America's No. 38 Web site. It's about to rocket past CNN and Wells Fargo.
B Ginther

We Skip Because We Can : Find and Convert Blog: Inbound Marketing Strategies - 2 views

  • is a non-profit with a simple idea. Skip doing just one thing for a day…a coffee, a car wash, a pack of gum and give the money you would have spent on that small luxury to help fight world hunger. Skip1 doesn't have splashy billboards, ads, commercials or any of the traditional trappings of branding campaigns. uses social media to spread their message by engaging people and building relationships. @Skip1 is on Twitter. Skip1dotorg is on YouTube. has a fan page on Facebook, an active blog, and numerous page 1 Google rankings of its web pages and of blog posts by everyday folks to celebrities about the charity's good works.
Robert Hays

What is your favorite Twitter client? - 45 views

embarassedtobrag I'm a heavy Twitter user (I think 3rd ranked in Woodland Hills outside LA) and so I use TweetDeck - I found a great article on configuring it to use less API calls (yes, I need to ...

twitter twitter-client

Darren Draper

Reflections of a new-ish blogger « Educational Insanity - 0 views

  • I think where I’m going with this is that I worry that the ed. tech. blogosphere is reasonably saturated.  Related to Darren Draper’s post on Twitter Set Theory, I feel like there are some central figures whose spheres overlap considerably and a whole lot of us outsiders trying to penetrate that inner circle.  It’s as if folks like Will Richardson, David Warlick, Wes Fryer, Vicki Davis, Dean Shareski, Stephen Downes, Chris Lehmann…(and, yes, you Scott) are having an awesome cocktail party conversation and I’m standing on the outside staring over their shoulders and listening in, trying to get a word in, but not penetrating that conversation at all.  I know there are LOTS of us on the outside looking in. 
    • Darren Draper
      What can we do to reduce this feeling of exclusivity? Doubtless there are hundreds of great educators out there that feel this way.
    • Darren Draper
      I agree with you, David. There is no accurate measure as to the success of a blog - other than the intrinsic measure that each blogger feels about how things are going.
  • My theory is– don’t worry about getting your voice out there, or comments, or rankings, or even being invited to the right parties (inner circle) — rather focus intently on children, your vision, and leaving education better than you found it. Concentrate on helping those within your sphere of influence to make principled changes in education that is in the best interest of kids.
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