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Janos Haits - Create a mini blog, share your page, get topics from friends. Describe it ... - 3 views

    Create a mini blog, share your page, get topics from friends. Describe it in one sentences
avivajazz  jazzaviva

How to find your Twitter followers on Google+ - 7 views

  • ... David G. Larson ... @tweetsmarter
Jeff Johnson

The Numbers Guy (on Dunbar's number) ( - 0 views

    Is there a numerical cap on how many friends we can have? Many cite the so-called Dunbar's number, 150, as a ceiling on personal contacts, but social-networking sites may enable users to burst past that number for friends."
Tracy Viselli

Tweet Friends | Find Mutual Friends on Twitter | Twitter - 0 views

    twitter friends, finding people to follow and why people are following you
Jake Russo

TweetWheel - Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other! - 0 views

shared by Jake Russo on 03 May 08 - Cached
Luke Allen liked it
    enter your username and TweetWheel will load all your friends and show you how they are connected.
    A cool tool to look at who is connected to whom on twitter. A look at connections.
Jennifer Dorman

Who Should I Follow - 0 views

    Find new twitter friends
    WhoShouldiFollow looks at who your Twitter friends follow to suggest new people. By adjusting the sliders on the results page, you can give greater preference in the ranking to less popular Twitter users, or those who are near you. The algorithm is an item-to-item collaborative filter, somewhat similar to how Amazon makes recommendations.
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