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Valerie B.

elearning twits » home - 0 views

    directory of Australian and New Zealand Twitter contributors who have an interest in education, specifically elearning.

Blog post Top 10 startup tools to make a killer presentation . If you enjoy reading lea... - 1 views

    If you are a teacher or/ and a social media curator you will like to be a presenter and love this apps . If you enjoy reading leave your comments . 
Alice Barr

Twitter for Learning - 55 Great Articles : eLearning Technology - 8 views

    "In a recent conversation, I was asked what I thought about twitter as a learning tool. Over the course of the past few years I've moved from saying "I don't get it" - to feeling like it's a good addition to my Learning Tool Set. But I also think that there's a lot more help now around how to make effective use of Twitter as a learning tool. I thought it would be worthwhile to pull together these resources."
John Evans

edmodo | home - 0 views

    Microblogging specifically for teachers and students
zhang jing

academhack » Blog Archive » Twitter for Academia - 0 views

    Tips for using twitter in education
    [academhack] "I must admit that when I first heard about Twitter I thought it represented the apex of what concerns me about internet technology: solipsism and sound-bite communication. While I obviously spend a great deal of time online and thinking about the potential of these new networked digital communication structures, I also worry about the way that they too easily lead to increasingly short space and time for conversation, cutting off nuance and conversation, and what is often worse how these conversations often reduce to self-centered statements. When I first heard about Twitter I thought, this was the example par excellence of these fears, so for many months I did not investigate it at all. Then I read an article by Clive Thompson at Wired. Clive's article convinced me that perhaps it was worth giving Twitter a try. At this point I have to say, I am so glad that I did. Although I am still beginning to wrap my head around all of its varied uses-I think for the most part Twitter users themselves are still figuring this out-I have been using it for over six months now and come up with some academic uses." (...)
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