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Mike Chelen

twitterircbot - Google Code - 0 views

    A bot that interfaces between irc and twitter. To use just edit the bot and change the config: my $ircserver = ''; //add your irc network my $ircchannel = '#corporate'; //add your irc channel my $nickname = '``twitter'; //add your twitter bots nick my $username = 'twittwittwit'; //add your twitter bots name my $twituser = 'twitterusername'; //add your twitter username my $twitpass= 'twitterpassword'; //add your twitter password then execute it with the usual: jhr@nata2:~$#$ perl It should output some status and server MOTD info and eventually connect to your channel. Once connected, you should be able to send an update to twitter by typing: !twitter update text to send to twitter If all goes well, an update will be sent to the twitter API and your update will be posted. The bot is also configured to send an update on channel topic change.
my mashable

Quub : New Micromessaging Service, Update Your Online Status - 0 views

    In the past years communication and way to communucate changes dramatically. The advent of the social and mobile web has made it easy to connect to large groups of people. Web technologies are used to connect millions of people online. This eases the sharing information simpler. Following the Social media smashers Twitter and FaceBook, It's tome now to micromessagging service from Quub, In this fast moving world stay connected over millions of people is a real tough one. To effectively deal with maintaining so many connections, frequent status updates have emerged as a popular method of staying in contact.
sandy ingram

Seesmic's Web Offering Is the Best Twitter Browser Interface Yet - 0 views

    If your not using this tool, your missing the boat. Since reversing the company's strategy away from short video clips and more toward the world of status updates, Loic Le Meur and the Seesmic team have forged ahead in working to deliver a strong alternative to TweetDeck, letting Twitter and Facebook users update their status, view friends' updates and manage their social networking accounts from their desktop - complete with multiple account support, multiple columns, and all the standard features you would expect, from profile viewing to direct messages and search. Yesterday, at the TechCrunch CrunchUp event, Loic demonstrated not just a new version of Seesmic Desktop, but also a Web version that operates completely in the browser. And guess what? It's good - easily the best Web interface I've seen for Twitter yet.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Facebook to Compete Directly with Twitter via Enhanced Status Updates and News Streams - 0 views

    Facebook Pages are becoming a lot more like Twitter in terms of the ways marketers can use them to reach and engage people inside Facebook. Twitter has proven that the "status update subscription + news feed" conversation model works well for a variety of marketers - from large brands to self promoters like bloggers, consultants, and real estate agents.
Vicki Davis

Twitter Status - Updated follower/following counts - 0 views

    Twitter counts of following and followers may change as they "fix" things in twitter. Just part of the growth.
    Following and follower counts are changing due to some updates in twitter.
Kim Woodbridge

What People Say When They Tweet - ReadWriteWeb - 0 views

    Summize looked at about 4 million Twitter status update messages (tweets) collected from the public time line over a seven day period running from April 27 - May 3.

What to tweet (and what not to) - 0 views

    Go beyond the standard Twitter question "What are you doing?" to make your tweets more interesting. Go beyond status updates. Get creative and treat Twitter as a 140-character canvas!
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Seesmic Desktop: A Threat to TweetDeck? - 0 views

    Twitter users of TweetDeck, check this out. Facebook Connect and Seesmic Desktop is a dream application for the frequent status updater, group lover, and social media meme tracker. Has multiple columns that can be rearranged via drag and drop, customizable groups, Twitpic functions, etc.
Jennifer Dorman

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live - TIME - 0 views

    Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter Robyn Twomey for TIME ENLARGE + Print Reprints Email Twitter Linkedin Buzz up! (44) Facebook MORE... Add to my: Technorati reddit Google Bookmarks Mixx StumbleUpon Blog this on: TypePad LiveJournal Blogger MySpace The one thing you can say for certain about Twitter is that it makes a terrible first impression. You hear about this new service that lets you send 140-character updates to your "followers," and you think, Why does the world need this, exactly? It's not as if we were all sitting around four years ago scratching our heads and saying, "If only there were a technology that would allow me to send a message to my 50 friends, alerting them in real time about my choice of breakfast cereal." Related Audio Host Katherine Lanpher talks with TIME's Just Fox on stocks vs. bonds and Barbara Kiviat about the housing market's new movement Download | Subscribe Specials The World of Twitter Specials Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feeds Specials 10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business Stories The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher More Related The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher The Future of Twitter I, too, was skeptical at first. I had met Evan Williams, Twitter's co-creator, a couple of times in the dotcom '90s when he was launching Back then, what people worried about was the threat that blogging posed to our attention span, with telegraphic, two-paragraph blog posts replacing long-format articles and books. With Twitter, Williams w
    "Injecting Twitter into that conversation fundamentally changed the rules of engagement. It added a second layer of discussion and brought a wider audience into what would have been a private exchange. And it gave the event an afterlife on the Web. Yes, it was built entirely out of 140-character messages, but the sum total of those tweets added up to something truly substantive, like a suspension bridge made of pebbles."
Emily Vickery

Pew Internet: Twitter and status updating - 0 views

  • As of December 2008, 11% of online American adults said they used a service like Twitter or another service that allowed them to share updates about themselves or to see the updates of others.
James OReilly

Facebook Friends FriendFeed - 0 views

  • I’ve been using FriendFeed for awhile and if you subscribe to my feed you’ll see just about everything that I do online. My feed includes all the articles I bookmark with delicious. When I write a new blog post it automatically shares it on my feed. Every time I tweet on Twitter and when I update my status on Facebook, they’re included here. When I add a video to my favorites on YouTube it is shared here as well. Currently there are 58 different sites that you can link to your FriendFeed, so it’s like the one stop shopping place for everything online!
  • FriendFeed also has a search function where someone without even registering on the site, can easily search all FriendFeed updates.
  • Facebook has been in the news quite a bit this week which they started off with the announcement that they have acquired the social-identity aggregator, FriendFeed.
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