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Panos Kotseras

US - Rea Magnet to shut magnet wire plant - 0 views

    Rea Magnet Wire has announced that it will lay off the 75 staff employed at its Las Cruces plant located in the West Mesa Industrial Park and suspend production. This is expected to take place by February 2009, however, it depends on the work commitments of the plant. The company produces copper, aluminium and brass insulated magnet wire and bare wire, supplying motor, transformer and coil manufacturers. Rea's workforce in North America exceeds 1,000 staff. The decision to close the plant is attributed to weakening demand for magnet wire in the US. As a result of poor market conditions, the company cannot continue to operate at limited capacity. Rea Magnet reported that the decision is not permanent and it hopes to reopen the plant as long as the market circumstances permit so.

Japan - Furukawa Electric's magnet wire production recovers - 0 views

    Furukawa Electric has reported a recent improvement in its magnet wire production, and plans a monthly production in fiscal 2009 (ending March 2010) of 1,500 tonnes of enamelled wire and 85,000 km of triple insulated magnet wire; this is 70-75% (for enamelled wire) and 80-85% (for triple insulated magnet wire) of the peak levels produced in April-September 2008. Enamelled wire production could reach 1,700-1,800 tonnes per month in October 2009-March 2010. Furukawa Electric's domestic magnet wire production is being consolidated into its Mie Works in order to cut costs; production at its Hiratsuka Works will transfer to Mie within 2009.
Colin Bennett

New Mixed Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Shows Promise - 0 views

    Recently I came across a May 2009 presentation published by the US Department of Energy's [DoE] Ames Lab, on a new mixed rare earth-based [MRE-Fe-B] permanent magnet [PM] alloy, for high temperature applications. The work forms part of the DoE's multi-year FreedomCAR project, with a number of specific goals: * Production of magnet materials for PM motors, capable of operating at 150-200 °C [300-390 °F] and for up to 15 years;
James Wright

Japan - Furukawa Electric to supply high voltage rectangular magnet wire to Toyota - 0 views

    Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. announced that its magnet wire producing subsidiary Furukawa Magnet Wire has co-developed a rectangular magnet wire with a voltage resistance of up to 1,400-1,500V. The higher voltage rating and shape factor is believed to make the cable suitable for motors within small hybrid energy vehicles (HEVs) or electric vehicles (EVs). The company is supplying Toyota with this magnet wire for use in its 'AQUA' HEV. Furukawa will expand monthly production at its plant in Mie, Japan by 50% to 300t in this fiscal year to meet demand from rising production of AQUA and to supply other HEV/EV manufacturers.
Colin Bennett

Nanomagnetism Research Group - Northeastern University - 1 views

    "If successful, Northeastern's meteorite-inspired magnets would contains no rare earth minerals and could help power a renewable power generator or an EV motor better than today's best commercial magnets. "
Glycon Garcia

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Research News 06-2008-Topic 2 - 0 views

  • Magnetic sensor that brooks no interference A novel Magnetic sensor for the first time detects tiny fluctuations in a small Magnetic field – even when there is a strong magnet right beside it. The sensor can thus be utilized even in places where power cables generate an interference field – for instance in a car’s side mirror.
Piotr Ortonowski

US - Superior Essex acquires magnet wire assets of Furukawa Electric (FEC) and American Furukawa - 1 views

    Nexans won a contract to supply most of the power, control and data cables in a project of Bombardier Transportation involving the construction of 27 passenger locomotives for the New Jersey Transit Corporation. The cables will be used in the production of the ALP-46A locomotives, developing a technology that Bombardier has been applying since 2002. Nexans cables meet the required technical specifications for fire resistance and efficiency, and they will be produced in the company's plants in Nuremberg and Monchengladbach, Germany. Delivery will start in April 2009. As Global Segment Manager for Rolling Stock Dietmar Steinbach reported, ''the main factors that persuaded Bombardier Transportation to place this major contract with Nexans are our proven capability to design, develop and deliver on-time and throughout the world a complete range of special cables to meet virtually any rolling stock requirement.''
    Essex Group Inc., a subsidiary of Superior-Essex Inc., announced the acquisition of the magnet wire sale and distribution assets of Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. (FEC) and American Furukawa Inc. Magnet wire is produced out of copper or aluminium and is used largely by the motor and electronics industries. The product is becoming increasingly popular due to its applications in the manufacture of electric motors for the hybrid vehicle market.
Sergio Ferreira

Physicist develops battery using new source of energy - 0 views

  • have been able to prove the existence of a "spin battery," a battery that is "charged" by applying a large magnetic field to nano-magnets
  • In the future, the new battery could be developed to power cars
  • The new technology converts the magnetic energy directly into electrical energy, without a chemical reaction. The electrical current made in this process is called a spin polarized current and finds use in a new technology called "spintronics."
Colin Bennett

Global Market for Superconductivity Applications to Reach $4.2 billion in 2019 - 1 views

    "Superconducting magnets, particularly those used in science, research, and technology development and healthcare applications, dominate the market. The healthcare segment is presently the largest market for superconducting applications, accounting for 63% of the global market in 2013 led by the superconducting magnets used in MRI scanners. However, superconducting electrical equipment segment (e.g., transformers, generators, motors, fault current limiters (FCLs), power storage, current leads, and cable) is expected to capture over 36% of the market by 2019. Superconducting electronics are also anticipated to gain significant market share over the next five years"
Colin Bennett

Not Your Average Fridge Magnet - 1 views

  • Researchers working in GE labs have used special magnetic material to achieve temperatures cold enough to freeze water. The breakthrough system, which is projected to be 20 percent more efficient than current refrigeration technology, could be inside your fridge by the end of the decade. 
Colin Bennett

Far-infrared electrodynamics of thin superconducting NbN film in magnetic fields - 0 views

  • We studied a thin superconducting NbN film in magnetic fields up to 8 T above the zero-temperature limit by means of time-domain terahertz and scanning tunneling spectroscopies in order to understand the vortex response. Scanning tunneling spectroscopy was used to determine the optical gap and the upper critical field of the sample. The values obtained were subsequently used to fit the terahertz complex conductivity spectra in the magnetic field in the Faraday geometry above the zero-temperature limit. These spectra are best described in terms of the Coffey–Clem self-consistent solution of a modified London equation in the flux creep regime.
Colin Bennett

The Switch introduces new game-changing drive train technology to the shipbuilding sector - 0 views

  • The Switch, a Finnish manufacturer of permanent magnet motors, generators and converters, announced today the launch of its next-generation drive trains for energy efficient power generation and propulsion of merchant vessels. Combining The Switch’s permanent magnet and frequency converter technology, this opens up all-new opportunities for hybrid propulsion systems in the shipping sector.
Colin Bennett

ABB's new SynRM2 motor will deliver IE5 efficiency without rare earth magnets - 1 views

  • A feature of ABB's latest SynRM2 motors is that they do not utilise rare earth permanent magnets. Instead they use ferrite magnets, which are more cost effective and easily available.
Sergio Ferreira

Ames Lab Researchers Design New Permanent Magnet Alloy for More Efficient and Cost-Effective Electric Drive Motors - 0 views

  • Researchers at Ames Laboratory have designed a new a high-performance permanent magnet (PM) alloy that operates with good magnetic strength at 200° C (392° F) to help make electric drive motors more efficient and cost-effective.
  • One of the parameters stipulated by automakers for future electric drive motors is the need to operate well at temperatures up to 200° C
Colin Bennett

Groove-rolling as an alternative process to fabricate Bi-2212 wires for practical applications - 1 views

  • In this paper we demonstrate the ability of this technique to increase the density in Bi-2212 wires, which leads to a three-fold increase in JC with respect to drawn wires, making this approach very promising for fabricating Bi-2212 wires for high magnetic field magnets, i.e. above 25 T.
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