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Colin Bennett

Emerging Trends in Thermal Energy Storage - 1 views

    "Thermal energy storage (TES) is a system to store thermal energy. TES can be differentiated into three different categories, namely sensible, latent and thermochemical. The main drivers that propel development of TES system are advancements in material sciences and the emergence of smart thermal grid. Although some of the TES system is already mature especially sensible, adoption of this technology is still slow due to lack of awareness from stakeholders to employ this technology as a method to achieve energy efficiency. Furthermore, high cost of new technology and the recent dramatic drop in oil prices have inhibited or slowed the adoption of TES due to less compelling economics. By using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), emerging TES systems based on latent and thermochemical have been identified as the future of TES systems because it shows remarkable performance capabilities. However, strengthening legislation and standardization frameworks need to be done to see wider adoption of TES systems in the future, especially in Europe and North America."
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