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Janos Haits

Spotflux - 5 views

    Regardless if you're at home, at work, or on the run - whether you use a phone, a tablet, or a computer - Spotflux is your internet guardian angel.
Janos Haits

Geoloqi - A Private Realtime Platform for Location Sharing - 15 views

    Do more with where you are
    Unlock the power of your smartphone with real-time location sharing, location-based reminders and more.
Janos Haits

StegoWeb - private data storage under the radar - 7 views

    StegoWeb is a simple little application that can hide data using steganographic methods. The idea of steganography is to communicate with someone while the very existence of the communication is concealed. Therefore, the act of hiding anything remains a secret even after uploading the hidden data to the website!
Janos Haits | Private Beta - 13 views

    Quixey is a functional search engine for apps.
    You use apps in your everyday life. You use apps in your phone, in your browser, in your social network and in your software at work. Soon, you'll even have apps in your car, on your TV and built into your home appliances. Quixey is a new type of search engine, a functional search engine, designed specifically for apps. It helps you find apps to do what you want on an ever-growing number of platforms.
yc c

Video Sprout - 7 views

    VideoSprout lets you share videos, with whoever you want, privately! The only people who can see your video are the ones you send it to
yc c

LedeLog - 8 views

    Built for Research
    Work in Ledes: The smallest unit of a story
    Quickly enter and navigate Ledes
    Save rich text descriptions
    Tag with your own categories
    Search through full content or by tag
    Track your progress
    Secure and Reliable
    Runs on Google's cloud infrastructure
    Ledes and Tags restricted to each user
    Auto-saves edit progress every ten seconds
    Simple privacy policy: All your data is private; nobody will view it unless a critical bug requires doing so
yc c

Live video chat rooms, simple and easy. - Tinychat - 3 views

    The dead-simple service creates disposable chatrooms you can easily share with friends.
yc c - 3 views

    Instantly create a web discussion forum attached to any webpage, any document, any image, or nothing at all. Just prepend
    Create a forum on a web page like this

    Create a forum without a web page like this

    Easily create or join groups of users to share those forums.

    The groups are invitation only - friends, family, co-workers, people with common interests. Invitations are simply a link you can mail to users or place on a web site.
yc c

Teambox | Project management and collaboration software - 0 views

    A place for your team.
    Share messages, tasks and pages.
    Collaborate freely. For free.
yc c

Yackall :: Open Chat - 0 views

shared by yc c on 14 Jul 09 - Cached
yc c

mURL - private shortlinks with a key (as option) - 1 views

  •,, with options: Key protected - Private - Self-destructive
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