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Engkoo - 1 views

    English language search for Chinese speakers
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Free Online Unicode Character Map - 0 views

    00: Basic Latin, Latin 1 01: Latin ext A, Latin ext B 02: Latin ext B cont, ... 03: Diacrit, Greek, Coptic 04: Cyrillic 05: Cyrillic Supp., Armenian, Hebrew 06: Arabic 07: Syriac, Thaana 09: Devanagari, Bengali 0A: Gurmukhi, Gujarati 0B: Oriya, Tamil 0C: Telugu, Kannada 0D: Malayalam, Sinhala 0E: Thai, Lao 0F: Tibetan 10: Mayanmar, Georgian 11: Hangul Jamo 12: Ethiopic 13: Ethiopic, Cherokee 17: Tagalog,Hanunoo,Buhid,Tagbanwa,Khmer 18: Mongolian 19: Limbu, Tai Le, Khmer Symbols 1D: Phonetic Extensions 1E: Latin Extended Additional 1F: Greek Extended 20: Punctuation,Sub/Superscripts,Currency 21: Letterlike Syms, Number Forms, Arrows 22: Mathematical Operators 23: Misc. Technical 24: Ctl Picts, OCR, Encl Alphanumerics 25: Box Drawing, Block Elem, Geom Shapes 26: Misc Symbols 27: Dingbats,Misc.Math-A,Supp.Arrows-A 28: Braille 29: Suppl. Arrows-B, Misc.Math.Symbols-B 2A: Supplemental Mathematical Operators 2B: Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows 2E: CJK Radicals Supplement 2F: Kanji Radicals,Ideographic DescChars 30: CJK Syms+Punct, Hiragana, Katakana 31: Bopomofo, Hangul Compat Jamo, ... 32: Enclosed CJK Letters and Months 33: CJK Compatibility 34: CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A 4D: Yijing Hexagram Symbols 4E: CJK Unified Ideographs (start) 9F: CJK Unified Ideographs (end) A0: Yi Syllables (start) A4: Yi Syllables (end), Yi Radicals AC: Hangul Syllables (start) D7: Hangul Syllables (end) D8: High Surrogates (start) DB: High Surrogates (end), DC: Low Surrogates (start) DF: Low Surrogates (end) E0: Private Use Area (start) F8: Private Use Area (end) F9: CJK Compatibility Ideographs FA: CJK Compatibility Ideographs (cont) FB: Alpha Pres Fms,Arabic Pres Fms A(st) FD: Arabic Presentation Forms-A (end) FF: Halfwidth+Fullwidth Forms, Specials
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我在 wozai - 0 views

    chinese twitter
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EUdict | European dictionary - 0 views

    EUdict (European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken in the European Community and the countries that will become members of European Community. ... but it includes Japanes and Chinese..???
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Amikai - Translation Demo - 2 views

    English > French,
    English > German,
     English > Italian,
     English > Portuguese,
     English > Spanish,
     French > English,
     French > German,
     French > Italian,
     German > English,
     German > French,
     German > Italian,
     Italian > English,
     Italian > French,
     Italian > German,
     Italian > Spanish,
     Portuguese > English,
     Spanish > English,
     Spanish > Italian,
     English > Japanese,
     English > Korean,
     English > Chinese-S,
     English > Chinese-T,
     Japanese > English,
     Japanese > Korean,
     Korean > Japanese,
     Chinese-S > English,
     Chinese-T > English
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