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Janos Haits - 4 views

  • is a personalized news service. offers a remarkable new way to find out what the people who interest you are reading right now.
Janos Haits - explore the hashtagspace - 6 views

    My goal with is to use the best analysis and visualization technologies I know to create a useful tool to find your way among Twitter hashtags and, in the near future, to the content related to them. Keep yourself updated following @hashtagify on Twitter.
Janos Haits

me*dia*or - 5 views

    A mashup of music 2.0 news and views.  Think of it a dynamic playlist of what's happening across the industry. You can also catch mediaor updates
Janos Haits

TheseSitesAre.Me - 5 views

    Share all of your personal and professional links
Janos Haits - 8 views

    A New Way to Connect We build communities with shared interests from your network. Our interactive clouds help you find and read relevant Twitter conversations with those communities.
Janos Haits - The smartest way to build and share your resume - 0 views

  • - Career network of the net generation
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