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yc c

The Love 40 - Top 40 Singles for 30 May - 3 views

    The Love 40 is a prototype using data from The Official BBC Radio Top 40 
yc c - a moment of silence - 7 views

shared by yc c on 24 May 10 - Cached
  •, where you create silence.
    don´t move mouse to enjoy this color
    move mouse to see controls
    more info about me
    a moment of silence
    about meX
    create playlist
    i am a webpage that displays a blank empty screen.

    freeing you from the information avalanche

    take a moment to relax. pick your favorite colors and dream away...

    what else can you use me for?
    * relax. contemplate. meditate.
    * simulate the philips living colors™ effect
    * escape your busy desktop
    * quiet non-distracting background during presentation
    * mini-break at work
    * as color picker
    * stop information overload
    * break through the noise
    * now. silence.
yc c

Wikio Labs - 3 views

    What happened on 13 January 2010?
    Wikio Buzz allows you to find all the events in the news ordered and grouped under themed news categories.

    See the buzz: follow all the trends in the news and the blogosphere represented graphically.

    Pages dedicated to each of the blogs and news sites indexed by Wikio.

    Who links to you? To whom do you link? See all the ingoing and outgoing links for your blog with our Backlink factory!

    Buzz Clouds
    Who is in the news today? These Buzzclouds show, in real time, the people making the news.
yc c

bomomo - 3 views

shared by yc c on 05 May 10 - Cached
    also has pressure pen
yc c

CanvasMol - tool to visualise molecules - 7 views

    interactive periodic table w rotating molecule visualisation 
    Paste PDB / SDF / MOL molecule definition to Import
yc c

Moodstream™ by Getty Images - 6 views

    View Getty images by mood
yc c

SolarBeat - 7 views

    planet years visually
yc c

Snake Oil? The scientific evidence for health supplements | Information Is Beautiful - 2 views

    This visualisation generates itself from this Google Doc. So when new research comes out, we can quickly update the data and regenerate the image. (How cool is that??) Hopefully then this should be a useful web resources for years to come.
    About the imageThis image is a "balloon race". The higher a bubble, the greater the evidence for its effectiveness. But the supplements are only effective for the conditions listed inside the bubble.
    You might also see multiple bubbles for certain supps. These is because some supps affect a range of conditions, but the evidence quality varies from condition to condition. For example, there's strong evidence that Green Tea is good for cholesterol levels. But evidence for its anti-cancer effects is conflicting. In these cases, we give a supp another bubble.
yc c

C O D E O R G A N - 2 views

    analyses the body content of a web page and translates that content to music
yc c

Twitter StreamGraphs - 1 views

    A StreamGraph is shown for the latest 1000 tweets which contain the search word. The default search query is 'data visualization' but a new one can be typed into the text box at the top of the application. You can also enter a Twitter ID preceded by the '@' symbol to see the latest tweets from that user. A parameter to the URL can be used to specify the initial search word. For example, use to see the latest tweets about coffee.
yc c

Color Harmonizer - Interactive Earth - natural history education, website design and fi... - 2 views

    The Color Harmonizer is designed to emulate basic music theory principles to produce a harmonious color scheme.
yc c

FakePress, real-time emotions of the social web - 3 views

    The infovisualization shows the real-time emotions of the social web by classifying user contributions according to the methodology defined by Plutchik.
yc c

Virtual Piano: Online music innovation at its best! - 2 views

    You could play for real
yc c - + Poly9 FreeEarth Mashup - Map in 3D - 3 views

  • is a toy tool for viewing bookmarks stored at and view their hosting server geopositioned on a Poly9 FreeEarth flash 3D earth globe.
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