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Doughnut Color Picker - color scheme by HSL to HEX color palette individual color codes - 7 views

    ★★★★★ This is fantastic! Very precise+ The best I've seen! I'm going to use it as my main color picker/schemer...and worries me that it might go off line. Dark gray background.. well thought! black and white are too extreme About the Doughnut Color PickerWhen I created the image of the color picker it was late at night and once more the computer absorbed all my attention. I forgot to eat on time and must have got very hungry. The moment I saw the image, the Doughnut Color Picker was born.\n\nWhy did I create this color picker?Research into color made me want a different kind of color picker:I wanted a color wheel styled color pickerI wanted a color picker in HSL color spaceI wanted a hue/lightness area on a 360 scaleI wanted a big and a small preview squareI wanted luminance values in terms of RGB greyI wanted to instantly switch to a gray scaleI wanted the preview to update without click & holdI wanted a color clipboardI wanted an online color picker\n\n,007FFF,80FF00,808080,808080,808080,808080,808080,808080,808080
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