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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Dennis OConnor

Dennis OConnor

How to write fiction: Meg Rosoff on finding your voice | Books | The Guardian - 0 views

  • A book written with an exchange of energy between the conscious and subconscious mind will feel exciting and fluid in the way that a perfectly planned and pre-plotted book never will.
  • The good news is that you can achieve throughness by writing. Practice, in other words.
  • Last bit of advice? Stop thinking about your voice. Think about your life instead.
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  • There is nothing superficial, however, about voice when used in the context of writing. Your writing voice is the deepest possible reflection of who you are. The job of your voice is not to seduce or flatter or make well-shaped sentences. In your voice, your readers should be able to hear the contents of your mind, your heart, your soul.
Dennis OConnor

Boynton's Buzz: Reading/Writing Workshop PBL - 0 views

    "Reading/Writing Workshop PBL: How is my Community the Same/Different from Communities Around the World?

    The planning of this PBL (Project Based Learning) unit was the result of some observations I had made in my classroom and some goals I wanted to reach in my teaching.

    First, as part of our Reading curriculum, first grade scholars are required to 'make connections' with the texts they read. I presented lessons to achieve this objective pretty much as I have done in the past; choosing books (I used some old favorites and some suggested on teaching websites), modeled how I make connections while reading, scaffolding scholars as they made connections and gradually released them to make connections on their own. Ultimately, I assessed the connections they made…they were not great.  The connections were pretty low level and clearly did not require any depth of thought on the part of the scholars.  I really wasn't sure what they learned and was pretty sure they wouldn't be able to articulate their learning either. I knew I had to rethink my teaching approach."
Dennis OConnor

Robert Fulghum, OFFICIAL Website, see NEW stories! - 0 views

  • Please Note: This journal contains a wide variety of stuff -- complete stories, bits and pieces, commentary, and who-knows-what else. As is always the case these days, the material is protected by copyright. On the other hand, I publish it here to be shared. Feel free to pass it on. Just give me credit. Fair enough?
    Links to Robert Fulghum's Journal
Dennis OConnor

Twitter / wiredinstructor: Here's tumblr blog dedicated ... - 2 views

    Links through to my tumblr blog on writing and the six traits.
Dennis OConnor

AdviceToWriters - Advice to Writers - Margaret Atwood's Ten Rules for Writing... - 2 views

  • 1. Take a pencil to write with on aeroplanes. Pens leak. But if the pencil breaks, you can’t sharpen it on the plane, because you can’t take knives with you. Therefore: take two pencils.
Dennis OConnor

Writing and Teaching: Inquiry in the Reading/Writing Classroom - Units of Study - 1 views

  • Let me explain by example.  Let's say that you choose to study memoir.  You flood the students with examples of memoir, as many as you can find that are appropriately leveled and (hopefully) engaging.  After they have read and studied several examples, you ask them to notice or discover what these texts have in common.  You articulate these common features, and you talk about the ways that writers can choose to adhere to these conventions or not, but that generally a genre will follow a certain set of conventions.  Memoir, for example, is typically told in first person and focuses on significant events in a person's life.  It is tied to specific contexts and settings, often to specific objects or people.  It is almost always intensely localized or focused on the minute details of the past.  
Dennis OConnor

Natalie Goldberg: "I Don't Believe in Writer's Block" | Talking Writing - 2 views

  • I don’t believe in writer’s block. I don’t even think it exists. What you have to do is just pick up a pen and physically write. What happens is that people get lost in their minds and their ideas.
Dennis OConnor

6 Traits of Writing - Professional Development - Yearlong 6-Traits Bulletin Boards - 1 views

  • Teachers have been introducing the trait language to students in a variety of ways. Here are some of my favorite 6-Traits introduction strategies. Thanks to all of you who have sent in new pictures! If you would like to email digital photos of how you have introduced the traits into your environment, we'll post them on our website for all to see. Click on some of the photos below for a larger view of the bulletin board.
Dennis OConnor

ELA-BMS - Diddorol - 0 views

    Game Based learning with the 6 traits
Dennis OConnor

The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual | SpyreStudios - 0 views

  • Information is very powerful but for the most bit it is bland and unimaginative.
    • The core infographic is composed of 3 very important parts.

      1. Visual
        • Color Coding
        • Graphics
        • Reference Icons
      2. Content
        • Time Frames
        • Statistics
        • References
      3. Knowledge
        • Facts
        • Deductions
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