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Martha Hickson

Formative - 9 views

    tests, quizzes and even allowing students to annotate a document that you upload. Set up your quiz/test using true/false statements, longer text answers or students can draw the answer. You can setup a marking key meaning that the site will mark the answers for you and give instant data on who is correct. Your student can either have there own free account or they can access the material using a link. The site works across a wide range of devices.

Free Technology for Teachers: A Short Guide to Creating and Grading Quizzes Through Goo... - 6 views

    "One of the things that I always do in my Google Apps workshops and webinars is teach people how to create self-grading quizzes through Google Forms and Spreadsheets. Depending upon the pace of the group we'll often look at creating image-based and multiple page quizzes too. I've recently put all of the screenshots of those processes into one PDF. You can view the PDF below. "
Ann Sperske

Info Literacy Interactive Game - 2 views

    up to four players can play this game
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