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Tero Toivanen

21st Century Leadership | - 0 views

  • In a presentation given to us by Pieter Spinder, the tribe-cheerleader himself, he describes his vision of what leadership could mean in the 21st Century:
  • Leadership qualities that he firmly believes are integral to be a successful leader both for yourself and the world include: humility and integrity.
  • “If you lose your integrity, you lose everything.”
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  • the courage to fail and learn from it is essential to being a successful risk-taker.
  • The 21st Century leader can coach teams in collaboration, consensus building, and conflict resolution.
  • “If you are passionate about something, that’s where you will lead.”
  • Further qualities Spinder addresses include magnanimity and openness.
  • “A leader must have vision, must engender respect, be determined and honest, must be able to bind people and analyze, inspire and motivate, must be able to listen but take decisions. A certain degree of charisma is also desired. It’s a combination of vision and perseverance on one hand, and modesty and openness on the other. “
    Mitä edellytetään 21. vuosisadan johtajalta?
Eija Kalliala

50 Education Leaders Worth Following On Twitter | Edudemic - 2 views

    Opetusalan twiittaajat, joita kannattaa seurata
Tero Toivanen

Muutoksen uudisasukkaat | tule, vaisuus - 3 views

    Tero Heiskasen ja Tomi Astikaisen kartta asioista, jotka liittyvät lähestyvään muutokseen maailmanjärjestyksessä. Ota aikaa ja tutustu, kartalla on vajaat 300 linkkiä relevantin tiedon lähteille. Kartta on vapaa kaikenlaiseen käyttöön, jakeluun, remiksailuun jne.
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