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Rhondda Powling

10 Podcasts That Promote Reading - The Tech Edvocate - 0 views

    "These iPod-based audio broadcasts encompass a wide variety of subjects, such as entrepreneurship, politics, history, to entertaining series on serial killers. These downloadable series can be subscribed to, so you automatically get the next installment. However, podcasts can be utilized in the classroom, especially to promote literacy.
    By using podcasts in conjunction with their transcripts, or by finding engaging podcasts that discuss books benefit students' different learning styles. Podcasts bring together reading, writing, analysis, listening, language and many other ELA Common Core Standards (source). Here is a list of 10 podcasts that promote reading."
Rhondda Powling

How-To Strengthen Student Listening Skills with Podcasts - Class Tech Tips - 0 views

    "Podcasts are a great way to help strengthen student listening skills. Podcasts are audio (and sometimes video) recordings similar to a radio program or television episode. A wide range of organizations and individuals host podcasts and share their thinking around a topic through this medium.
    There are a wide range of podcasts to choose from. If you are teaching a specific subject area, you can search for a related podcast to find a clip to share with your students. Teachers can use podcasts to help students build listening skills. By listening to a narrator tell a story or an expert discuss a topic, podcasts can help students strengthen their ability to gather information through multimedia."
    The author also links to another post where she shares some of her favourite kid-friendly podcasts.
Rhondda Powling

Global Digital Citizenship-in 15 Minutes! (Solution Fluency) - 1 views

    "By focusing on Global Digital Citizenship every day for 15 minutes, you can instil in your students a strong basis for Internet-savvy skills for the 21st Century. This is the first in a series of templates for lesson plans on the 21st Century Fluencies.
    You take this lesson in parts; one part each day. You can spread this out over a couple weeks time or however you wish.
    The premise for our 15 minutes comes in the form of flipped videos or material that students will examine at home, or at the very least to be highlighted and watched in class for 15 minutes or less.
    So it all begins with your PBL plan. We here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation believe that PBL is one of the best ways to get students engaged in their own learning. PBL is the name-Solution Fluency is the game."
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