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Rhondda Powling

Getting Critical About Critical Thinking | Edutopia - 0 views

    "Critical thinking is when the brain is active, making connections to the material and applying original thought to the concept. It's the difference between struggling to remember ("ugh!") and struggling to solve ("yeah!")." Whilst all kids think, not all activities trigger critical thinking. There are some ideas here that use targeted approaches and strategies to cause those young brains to work.
Rhondda Powling

Creating an Authentic Maker Education Rubric | Edutopia - 0 views

    "Many teachers are excited about the maker movement andcreating projects for their classrooms. How will assessment be done? How can teachers prove that deep, rich learning is occurring through making? How do we justify a grade to students and parents alike?
    By crafting a three-part rubric that assesses process, understanding, and product, teachers can rest assured that they are covering all the bases."
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