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Rhondda Powling

Sketchnoting: I Just Don't Know How To Start * Heck Awesome - 0 views

    If you like the idea but don't know where to start here are "some ideas to keep in mind,  tips for thinking about it and ideas for how to start using it in your teaching and student's learning"
Rhondda Powling

Sketchnoting - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - 0 views

    Great page by Kathy Schrock explaining sketchnoting with links and videos. "Sketchnoting, in its purest form, is creating a personal visual story as one is listening to a speaker or reading a text. I also believe the interactive notebook, which includes the process of taking "regular" notes" while listening to a speaker and later creating a sketchnote of the text notes, would also be considered sketchnoting. This page will provide links, ideas, tips,and research evidence dealing with the power of sketchnoting. If you are looking for a book on the topic, the seminal work is this book by Mike Rohde.    
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