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Phil Taylor

The Innovative Educator: Make writing, speaking, and listening more fun with Voki - 1 views

    "when we let the kids use the tools they are currently hiding in their pockets, great things happen"
Phil Taylor

Digitally Speaking / Enhancing and Amplifying Pedagogy with Digital Tools - 0 views

  • iGeners are almost universally plugged in. Ear buds hang from backpacks, and cell phones are stuffed into every pocket. Instant communication has replaced listening to messages, streaming video has replaced waiting for television shows to start, Xboxes have replaced Ataris, digital images have replaced negatives, and high-speed connections have replaced dial-up modems.
  • iGeners aren’t always the best students, however! Working quickly instead of carefully, they infosnack their way through class, flitting from instant experience to instant experience. Reading deeply, considering multiple perspectives and interacting with others in meaningful ways is pushed aside in a race for immediate gratification.
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