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Phil Taylor

Weekly Twitter Chat Times - 0 views

Phil Taylor

Educating in the 21st Century: You Don't Know What You Don't Know - 2 views

  • Sadly, what dawned on me is that as hard as I had once worked as a teacher, I had restricted myself by my own educational paradigm. I had been stuck within a paradigm of 'coverage' and in hindsight I realize that all of the improvements I had made were incremental at best. Now, thanks in large part to my Personal Learning Network, I view teaching and learning through a new paradigm...a paradigm of 'inquiry'. (more on this in a future post!)
Phil Taylor

Online communities are transforming professional development for teachers | Teacher Net... - 0 views

  • Twitter was allowing me to share and discuss with hundreds, even thousands, of teachers all over the world - a far cry from those isolated initial years
  • many majorly successful online teacher communities which provided the sort of positive environment I was looking for.
Phil Taylor

ASCD Express 8.09 - The What and Why of a Professional Learning Network - 0 views

  • Members of any profession need to communicate and collaborate with colleagues to understand and improve their skills. Face-to-face collaboration is personal, but is limited by boundaries of time and space. Participants must have a common time and place for collaboration. Digital collaboration has no bounds of time or space, and collaboration can take place anytime with anyone, anywhere.
  • Technology is not a generational thing, it is a learning thing. It may be outside many educators’ comfort zones, but comfort zones are the biggest obstacles to education reform.
  • The time has come for educators to accept that they no longer have a choice about technology. To maintain relevance as educators, they need to employ relevant technology learning tools for education, connect and collaborate with other professionals to improve their skills and knowledge within their profession, and use PLNs to improve their profession and hold off the barbarian politicians and business people banging down the gates of education
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