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David Wetzel

Understanding Scientific Inquiry: Inquiry Involves the Use of Critical Thinking to Unde... - 4 views

    Scientific inquiry causes students to use higher order thinking skills and learn science from a minds-on approach. Inquiry's foundation originates with John Dewey. In Dewey's book Democracy in Education (1916), he indicates that education begins with the curiosity of learners. Student curiosity and involvement in scientific inquiry moves them beyond passive learning to higher order thinking.

David Wetzel

Best Strategies for Eliminating Elementary Student Math Misconceptions - 3 views

    Eliminating math misconceptions is difficult and merely repeating a lesson or extra practice will not help. Telling students were they are mistaken will not work either.

    Recognizing student misconceptions and immediately focusing on the misconception is important. Providing guiding questions using inductive reasoning is the best approach, along with the use of writing prompts which help reveal further student misconceptions.
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