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Ed Webb

Egypt: Rage against the Mubaraks | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian - 0 views

  • There is a reason why a national unity government which includes the opposition has been so difficult to stitch together in Tunisia. It is because remnants of the old regime are trying to ride a tidal wave over which they have no control. It is only when they all go, and fresh elections held, that political calm will be restored.
  • If nothing else happens, the idea that the Arab world needs ageing dictators as a bulwark against the rising tide of Islamism has been holed below the water line.
  • only free elections will begin to address Egypt's political problems
Ed Webb

Sarkozy admits France made mistakes over Tunisia | World news | The Guardian - 0 views

  • He said France was so close to Tunisia that it had been unable to stand back and see the situation clearly. "Behind the emancipation of women, the drive for education and training, the economic dynamism, the emergence of a middle class, there was a despair, a suffering, a sense of suffocation. We have to recognise that we underestimated it," Sarkozy said.
  • A former colonial power should never "make judgments" on the internal workings of countries that once made up its empire
Ed Webb

Tunisia's Inner Workings Emerge on Twitter - - 0 views

  • In a remarkable shift, the police, previously the enforcers of Mr. Ben Ali’s rule, organized a protest of their own on the city’s central artery, Bourguiba Boulevard. They wore red armbands in solidarity with the revolution, complained that Mr. Ben Ali and his family had put cronies in charge of the security forces and demanded a trade union that could negotiate for higher wages. Tunisians were stunned to see police officers, once silent and terrifying, complaining about their working conditions in interviews with Al Jazeera.
  • “The most rapid revolution in history,” he wrote. “Because we are connected. Synchronized.”
Ed Webb

Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Is Al Jazeera Fueling "Tunisteria"? - 0 views

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