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Claude Almansi

Mickey Mouse and Company: The Band Concert with subtitles | Amara - 0 views

    "Mickey Mouse and Company: The Band Concert

    "The Band Concert is an animated short film produced in Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions and released to theaters on February 23, 1935 by United Artists w/ a running time of 9 minutes. (...)
    The Band Concert was directed by Wilfred Jackson and featured adapted music by Leigh Harline. "
    From the description in"
    Hilarious and wordless except for Donald who says a few hardly understandable words: so there are no real subtitles, and the cartoon could be used for retelling activities in various languages.
Claude Almansi

FolkDC Primary school in Finland singing Posteljooni with subtitles | Amara - 1 views

    "Posteljooni - The postman played by a class of 9 - 10 years in Finland as part of the FolkDC project.
    Finnish subtitles: made from the transcript in - the subtitles between square brackets about the teacher are Google translations English -> Finnish]"
    Subtitled in Finnish - it would be nice to have a translation in English and possibly in other languages: you can do it from the linked page.
Claude Almansi

Looney Tunes: Cartoon Conductor - Jacques Offenbach Can Can [Maestro] with subtitles | ... - 3 views

    "Bought this game cause I love Elite Beat Agents and Osu! (for the Nintendo DS)... They're similar in a sense, though instead of tapping the most of the circles like in EBA, you 'slide' the stylus most of the time in this game...
    Still it's a LOT of fun!
    (Sorry if the camera is a little shaky)
    (YouTube description. About the game, see e.g. ) "
Claude Almansi

Pigs in a Polka (1943) with subtitles | Amara - 1 views

    "Pigs in a Polka (1943)

    The story of The Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs set to Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dances.

    Director: Isadore Freleng
    Producer: Leon Schlesinger

    Playlist for Merrie Melodies Cartoons:"
Claude Almansi

Domenico Modugno: Amara terra mia (con sottotitoli dinamici) with subtitles | Amara - 2 views

    "Domenico Modugno: Amara terra mia (con sottotitoli dinamici)

    Stesso video di quello caricato da in , ma con la foto di Modugno sostituita da sottotitoli dinamici (a karaoke)
    OK: non ha molto senso aggiungere sottotitoli CC quando ci sono già quelli a karaoke nel video, però se qualcuno li volesse tradurre in un'altra lingua, è più comodo."
Claude Almansi

Tom Lehrer CHEMISTRY element song with subtitles | Amara - 2 views

    "Tom Lehrer CHEMISTRY element song

    follow me in twitter @iamdonhey
    CHEMISTRY element song
    (Original YouTube description)
    Tune: "The Song of the Major-General" in Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance""
    English subtitles completed. The subtitling page is among those of the team, which all can join freely: a nice meeting place for language teachers who use songs.
Claude Almansi

Swedish traditional folksong - När som jag var på mitt adertonde år with subt... - 1 views

    "Another swedish traditional folksong; "När som jag var på mitt adertonde år" (As I was on my eighteenth year)
    (YT description)
    Swedish lyrics with English translation used here:
    music captioning wiki page:
    Also on"
Claude Almansi

MAREMMA AMARA - Caterina Bueno with subtitles | Amara - 1 views

    "MAREMMA AMARA - Caterina Bueno

    Canti d'Amore e d'Anarchia - Caterina Bueno

    "Everyone tells me Maremma Maremma
    and it seems to me a sorrowful Maremma
    Bird that flies there loses the feather
    I have lost yonder a loved one

    Damned Maremma Maremma
    Maremma cursed be and those who love it
    Still trembles my heart when you go there
    because I'm afraid you do not return"

    L'interpretazione più autentica ed intensa di questo celebre brano
    dell'antica tradizione musicale popolare toscana
    Solo un paio di note e appena qualche rigo
    per narrare secoli d'amore/odio per la terramara"
Claude Almansi

"Inspiring+ People - Chloe Cohen" | Universal Subtitles - 4 views

    "Each week, we will be interviewing people who are truly inspiring. They come from all over the world, and have overcome obstacles that make life that much harder. Their stories are inspirational, and allow us to be grateful for what we have in life.

    "Many people have come to see disease as a gift in their lives. Often, they learn that they are more than their disease, and once freed by that certainty they go on to live the rest of the story."

    This week, we interviewed Chloe Cohen. A truly inspiring woman who has been dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for many years. Chloe's inner strength and determination to help her deal with MS allows us to realize that their is hope for everyone. I feel honored to be able to share Chloe's story with everyone, and I hope it gives you as much enjoyment as it has given to me. Women like Chloe are hard to come by. Too many of us give up before we even try, especially, when suffering from a disease such as MS. Chloe's openness and willingness to share her story with all of us is amazing."
    English captioning in progress - - anyone wishing to join?
Claude Almansi

"Sam Draisey - Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen Cover)" | Universal Subtitles - 0 views

    "Video of me playing 'Thunder Road' by Bruce Sprinsteen, live from my kitchen! I learned this song for Dave & Kirsty Hart's wedding and have been playing it ever since. Hope you like it :)"
Claude Almansi

"Shakira - Sale El Sol" | Universal Subtitles - 1 views

    "Music video by Shakira performing Sale El Sol. (C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment (Holland) B.V."
Claude Almansi

"Violeta Parra - Gracias a la Vida" | Universal Subtitles - 0 views

    "Las Últimas Composiciones de Violeta Parra (1966):

    1. Gracias a la Vida
    2. El "Albertío"
    3. Cantores que Reflexionan
    4. Pupila de Águila
    5. Run Run se fue pa'l Norte
    6. Maldigo del Alto Cielo
    7. La Cueca de los Poetas.
    8. Mazúrquica Modérnica
    9. Volver a los Diecisiete
    10. Rin del Angelito
    11. Una Copla me ha Cantado
    12. El Guillatún
    13. Pastelero a tus Pasteles
    14. De Cuerpo Entero.

    "Las Últimas Composiciones" is the greatest chilean album of all times."
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