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    Social network sites, online games, video-sharing sites, and gadgets such as iPods and mobile phones are now fixtures of youth culture. They have so permeated young lives that it is hard to believe that less than a decade ago these technologies barely existed. Today's youth may be coming of age and struggling for autonomy and identity as did their predecessors, but they are doing so amid new worlds for communication, friendship, play, and self-expression. We include here the findings of three years of research on kids' informal learning with digital media. The two page summary incorporates a short, accessible version of our findings. The White Paper is a 30-page document prepared for the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Series. The book is an online version of our forthcoming book with MIT Press and incorporates the insights from 800 youth and young adults and over 5000 hours of online observations.
dean groom

YouTube- Professor's Henry Jenkins on games-based learning at SxSWi 2009 - 7 views

    The MIT Professor describes why games are great learning tools, and how new gaming paradigms can change the educational system.

Dildo, Fleshlight, Vibrator, Gleitcreme, Tenga Ei - Tenga Store - 0 views

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Demetri Orlando

At M.I.T., Large Lectures Are Going the Way of the Blackboard - - 0 views

  • In these institutions, physicists have been pioneering teaching methods drawn from research showing that most students learn fundamental concepts more successfully, and are better able to apply them, through interactive, collaborative, student-centered learning.
  • students sit at 13 round tables equipped with networked computers.
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