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Anti-Corporate Movements Confront Globalization | Pre-9/11 Leftist Politics - 0 views

    Before the events of September 11 and the ensuing 'war against terrorism,' the biggest subject of debate on the left in the US had to do with anti-globalization protests, particularly those in Genoa.
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Obama didn't "cave" on debt deal - 0 views

    Obama met his agenda. First and foremost, it's to get re-elected. What's that worth to progressives? Hmmmmmm....
    | Glenn Greenwald |
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Adam PDX - 0 views

    @AdamPDX ...on Twitter
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Shifting to the Right: USA 1950 to Present - 0 views

    "Political migration to the right has resulted in a weakening of individuals' rights and transferred political, economic and legislative power to multi-national corporations and the upper class."
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Theory of Change (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought) - 0 views

    "A theory of change is the opposite of a theory of action - it works backwards from the goal, in concrete steps, to figure out what you can do to achieve it. To develop a theory of change, you need to start at the end and repeatedly ask yourself, "Concretely, how does one achieve that?" A decrease in the defense budget: how does one achieve that? Yes, you."
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Investigative Journalism, the "Right(wing)" Way | Progressive Nation - 0 views

    Investigative Journalism, The "Right(wing)" Way
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Free Political Documentary Films - 0 views

    Films are national / international. Film topics include: 9/11 investigative efforts, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, peak oil and oil wars, corporatism, financial industry fraud, civil rights violations, Bush-Obama torture and detention policies, animal protection,

    Assassination Documentaries
    Financial Reform Documentaries
    Election Fraud Documentaries
    Environmental Documentaries
    Female Focused Documentaries
    George Bush Documentaries
    Globalization Documentaries
    Health Documentaries
    Human Rights Documentaries
    Media Documentaries
    Politician Documentaries
    Religious Documentaries
    Slavery Documentaries
    Societal Documentaries
    War Documentaries
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