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White House Talking Points to Defend Elena Kagan's "Minority Hiring Record" Are WRONG |... - 0 views

    "White House says the hiring numbers are misleading because they do not reflect the number of offers that Dean Kagan made to women and scholars of color. But this seems a bit hard to believe. Do women and people of color find a tenured or tenure-track professorship at Harvard Law School less attractive than white men? Do they really prefer to teach at less prestigious schools?"
avivajazz  jazzaviva

Kagan Nomination Accelerates Flight of Substance From American Political Scene | The Se... - 0 views

    "In January of 2009, Obama nominated Dawn Johnsen to head the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department. This was seen as a tremendous move, as Johnsen had the experience, the expertise and an apparent eagerness to take on the job of unraveling a series of horrible legal opinions that had been issued to support the torture program put into place during the Bush administration. Sadly, though, even with 60 votes for Johnsen clearly within reach for an extended time, Obama chose not to fight for Johnsen's confirmation. As a result, once it became clear that another Supreme Court nomination was going to be necessary, Johnsen withdrew from consideration, knowing that Obama had abandoned her."
avivajazz  jazzaviva

politics + culture :: avivagabriel on twitter - 0 views

  • The Paranoid Style in American Politics | Richard Hofstadter on the "Radical Right" #p2
  • Check the veritable wealth of 'fact checkers' at Dog-Whistle Racism--scroll down left for long link roll: #p2 #hcr
  • Yup. Shoq proposed the "MT," or "modified tweet." As far as 'human years' under my belt--I have MANY. 'Course, it's all relative!
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