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David Corking

CUES Skybox: A Model for Credit Union Board Renewal |Ginny Brady |April 2009 - 0 views

  • It usually takes some kind of crisis to get people to participate - CU Conservatorships, Mergers, Scandals? Believe it or not we have not had one comment from any of our members on the corporate controversies. We want a board and management that make the members secure and not have to think about their CUs viability and strength and yet we want involvement. How to get both is the challenge.
    A challenge - if a healthy democracy means healthy governance, how do we make the democracy healthy?
David Corking

Credit Unions Sleepy? Unexciting? Two Young Execs Beg to Differ - 0 views

  • Davis said he’s seen credit unions as very open to new ideas. Although some may be stuck in the past, he cited online banking and bill pay as two specific examples where credit unions have led the way.
    Shell added that while credit unions may be somewhat conservative, considering the current economy and the troubles facing many banks, that conservatism has “probably been a really good thing.”
    Short profile of young marketing execs
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