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Rhondda Powling

Open Font Library - 1 views

    The Open Font Library is an online resource which hosts, organizes and offers quality professional typographic fonts for download and use

DoodleBuzz:Typographic News Explorer - 0 views

    a new way to read the news through an experimental interface that allows you to create typographic maps of current news stories
Ruth Howard

Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment - 0 views

    simple tool that makes reading on the web more enjoyable
Roland Gesthuizen

Two spaces after a period: Why you should never, ever do it. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate... - 6 views

    "when he sits down to type, Julian Assange reverts to an antiquated habit that would not have been out of place in the secretarial pools of the 1950s: He uses two spaces after every period. Which-for the record-is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong. "
    Well that settles it then, two spaces are out and just one space it shall be.
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