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The End of Techno-Critique: The Naked Truth about 1:1 Laptop Initiatives and Educationa... - 8 views

    This article responds to a generation of techno-criticism in education. It contains a review of the key themes of that criticism. The context of previous efforts to reform education reframes that criticism. Within that context, the question is raised about what schools need to look and be like in order to take advantage of laptop computers and other technology. In doing so, the article presents a vision for self-organizing schools.

P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » How Different Is Your Bow-tie? - 1 views

  • As these systems evolve, the number of inputs and outputs generally increases. Each time a new node is added to the network, the number of potential connections required scales exponentially
  • Furthermore, because there is only one standard, there is no incentive for innovation, which means that the system cannot evolve.
  • Single standards are notoriously difficult to overcome or dislodge, even when they become ludicrously inefficient, as is the case with the Western “QWERTY” keyboard layout.
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • the system has great difficulty overcoming its own internal structure and adapting to the change.
  • Complex systems of this type, that are too loosely structurally coupled, maximize their openness to innovation but do so entirely at the cost of being able to exploit those innovations when they are useful
  • a panarchy
  • The bow-tie structure manages these tensions by occupying an “edge of chaos” zone in between too much rigidity and too much flexibility, between too little diversity, and too much.
  • There is a need to capitalize on potential efficiencies in one’s current environment while at the same time remaining flexible enough to adapt if the environment changes
  • confusing the necessary cluster of evolving core elements with a “standard
  • Future networks operate on multiple standards in the core — optimal levels of infrastructure arrived at by open innovation in the periphery that makes its way into the core as adoption and usage increase.
  • widely agreed upon cultural understandings and practices.
    Single standards are notoriously difficult to overcome or dislodge, even when they become ludicrously inefficient,

School Cio: A Laptop For Every Student | Review Available - 1 views

    The netbooks have been popular with teachers and parents alike; hundreds of parents have bought the devices voluntarily so their children could take them home. "The netbooks have exceeded our expectations," adds fourth-grade teacher Eric Greenfield. "To see kids sharing information, working collaboratively, and sharing ideas has been very exciting." HT Ben Jones Esq

NSW Education CIO Stephen Wilson resigns | The Australian - 1 views

  • NSW's execution of the Commonwealth program stood out compared with other states as it was centralised -- within DET -- from the pre-procurement phase up to maintenance of hardware and software post-acquisition. The department also stationed technical officers at schools to help with their technology needs.
    NSW is set to lose one of its most energetic technology chiefs as Stephen Wilson prepares to exit the education department. It is understood the Department of Education and Training chief information officer has tendered his resignation and is expected to leave at the end of this week.

Public high school teachers to get wireless laptops - plus 20,000 more computers for pr... - 0 views

    The roll-out will begin this year (2009) with all public high school teachers having a laptop by 2012. The roll-out to teachers complements the laptop program for the state's 197,000 senior high school students. It means that students and teachers will use the same type of laptop, giving teachers compatibility in planning and delivering lessons electronically. The Department of Education and Training is currently assessing tender submissions for the supply of laptops in NSW public high schools. It expects to award a contract by the end of February 2009. As part of the $44 million package, primary schools will receive 20,000 more computers over four years. This will provide students and teachers with access to the most up-to-date technology in the early school years.

The centrality of leadership in 21st century schools « 21st Century Learning - 3 views

  • ideally place students at the centre of learning.
    • Tony Searl
      so why is there comparitively little public access to this student voice? Has it in fact been recorded, collated, analysed, surveyed in sufficient depth? Or is this "student as the centre" relying on testing evidence as its main litmus?
    ideally place students at the centre of learning.

The impact of the Digital Education Revolution in NSW government schools: - 2 views

    before der started baseline data

BlogEd « Tim's Blog de Blog - 1 views

    The DET blog (BlogEd) is nearing full release - dates to be confirmed for Term 4. Below I've summarised key features which differentiate it from any 'open' blog. I'll post a slide show after the hols.
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