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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Rick Vettraino

Rick Vettraino

Article(s): Self- and Peer-Assessment Online - 0 views

  • but more allows the other group members to express his or her dissatisfaction
    • Rick Vettraino
      When I give group assignments, which is often, and receive complaints about one student not doing the work, my feedback is usually: "this is part of collaborative work and to learn to bring that student on board".  Does not always work so I take the comments into consideration.
  • Overall this assignment works well, though perhaps a contributing factor to its success, is thesize of the groups which are usually limited to 4 participants, and often are as small as 3 team members.
    • Rick Vettraino
      I have also used a barter system where students are given so much capital to trade with the students in their group.  This seems to work well although cumbersome to facilitate.
  • to examine how he or she contributed [or did not] to the group process.
Rick Vettraino

ollie_4: Building A Better Mousetrap: The Rubric Debate - 0 views

  • Moreover, some teachers have noticed how students who were good writers become wooden when writing under the influence of a rubric.
Rick Vettraino

Jing Tutorial - 2 views

started by Rick Vettraino on 31 Jan 11 no follow-up yet
  • Rick Vettraino
    I have used Jing for about 3 years now and it is great for short PD tutorials.
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