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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jean Van Gilder

Jean Van Gilder

ollie4: Building a Better Mousetrap - 1 views

  • well-designed rubrics help instructors
    • Jean Van Gilder
      Ahhhh, here is the rub; well designed. We know that sometimes in the regular classroom teachers do not have the luxury of time to create rubrics that are well designed.
  • habits of mind practiced in the act of self-assessment.
    • Jean Van Gilder
      Yes, this hits the nail on the head; we need students to progress in their thinking and self assessment of progress.
  • implied expectations of a college instructor
    • Jean Van Gilder
      Who among us has not experienced this example?
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • produced less interesting essays when they followed the rules [as outlined in a rubric]”
    • Jean Van Gilder
      I can easily see how this would happen with young people who want to please the teacher by "following the rules." A loss of creative writing!
  • developing statistical thinkers
    • Jean Van Gilder
      Wow, wouldn't this be lovely; producing students who thought statistically! A world I dream of....
Jean Van Gilder

ollie4: Educational Leadership: The Quest for Quality - 5 views

  • Ongoing classroom assessments serve both formative and summative purposes and meet students' as well as teachers' information needs.
  • provide information about student progress not typically available from student information systems
    • Jean Van Gilder
      Time involved is major...classroom teachers will tell you it is very labor intensive.
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