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Implementation in an Elementary Classroom (Articles) - 1 views

  • but opportunities to provide those benefits are on the decline.
    • emmeyer
      Sad but true. With our school schedule this year, there is no wiggle room for anything like play...other than their 10 minute recess. It's no wonder that I have so many behavior issues (over the silliest things), students haven't learned how to work things out on their own.
  • In 5 minutes you can
    • emmeyer
      Great quick tips for how to differentiate!
  • Make a scaffolding toolkit.
    • emmeyer
      Easier said than done (simply because it takes time to actually set up and maintain), but it is a great idea and would end up being a wonderful resource...especially to share resources with other teachers!

PLE Articles - 3 views

  • let’s never forget it is an ongoing balancing act. 
    • emmeyer
      This is true of teaching in general, especially when they are doing PLE!

"Personalized" vs. "Personal" Learning - 3 views

  • nothing to do with the person sitting in front of you
    • emmeyer
      PERSONalized learning is all about the person sitting in front of you, not what is easy for the teacher.
  • allows students to work at their own pace and level, meets the individual needs of students
    • emmeyer
      When students are able to work at their own pace and level, they thrive. They are able to complete and correctly practice the skills that are being taught to them.
  • But as is so often the case in education, I’m not sure we as a community are spending enough time digging to parse what those words really mean, especially in the context of what deep learning now requires in a connected world.
    • emmeyer
      This is sad, but true. Often in education, we jump in without fully understanding what makes something truly effective. Or we put our own spin on it to make it easier/ "more effective."
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • And while they come from the same root, those two words are vastly different
    • emmeyer
      This is a very important distinction. Personal learning teachers students to become lifelong learners!

Article(s): Self- and Peer-Assessment Online - 1 views

  • student participates
    • emmeyer
      Making sure that the student participates in the portfolio is key to having an effective portfolio. They need to take ownership.
  • rubrics
    • emmeyer
      Using rubrics to asses performance is a great way for students to see where they fall and where they need to go next.
  • aware of their learning
    • emmeyer
      When Students are aware of their learning, they are more aware of how they need to improve and what they need to do.

ollie-afe-2018: Article: Attributes from Effective Formative Assessment (CCSSO) - 4 views

  • teachers and students receiving frequent feedback.
    • emmeyer
      I love that they put teachers and students. This is key...students also need to know what the feedback is so that they understand where they lie and what they need to do to get better.
  • formative assessment as a way not only to improve student learning, but also to increase student scores on significant achievement examinations.
    • emmeyer
      Agreed. When teachers look at formative assessments, this gives them a view of where the students are in order to change instruction to best fit students' needs.
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